The 10 Best Paints For Bilco Doors Including Buying Guide


The bilco doors for your basement are probably built to last a very long time. However, even these doors are prone to rust, old age, and harsh weather conditions. To make sure the doors never lose their touch you need to paint them with the best paints for bilco doors.

Remember, these doors are mostly made of metal and require paints that have alkyd-based enamels. There are plenty of paints available that claim to have these elements but choosing the right one can be a hassle. 

To help you out we have consulted with the experts and have made a complete list of the 10 best paints for bilco doors. We have considered the paint material, customer feedback, and reviews while making the list.

If you are in a hurry you can also take a quick look at our comparison table to learn some valuable information about these paints.

So hop on board as we go through each of the products.

Comparison of Table

Product name

Drying time

Exterior Finish

RUST BULLET Automotive

5-6 hours


Rust-Oleum 7215502

Over 24 hours

Metal finish

Diamond Brite Paint 31600

2-4 hours

Alkyd finish

INSL-X CC5601099

6 hours

Factory finish

POR-15 45401

6-8 hours

Semi-gloss finish

Rust-Oleum 7776730

3-5 hours

Flat finish

KILZ Exterior

3 hours

Gloss finish

Montage Signature

8 hours

Low sheen finish

RUST BULLET Automotive – Rust Preventive Protective Coating

Product Overview

If you are into paint jobs then chances are you have heard of the brand Rust Bullet. It is one of the most famous brands in the paint industry. They are recognized all over the world for their sprays and metallic paints and even have a US patent as the only rust preventive brand out there.

Features & Benefits

Let’s take a look at what the rust bullet has to offer-

Multiple resistance

The rust bullet knows that the first thing we look for in paints for bilco or metal doors is its resistance capabilities. It comes fully equipped with rust preventive abilities. 

This amazing paint also has corrosion resistance and UV resistance as well. Because of the UV resistance, you do not have to spend more money on an extra coating. 

It’s rust & corrosion preventive attributes will keep the metal panels, doors, and frames in top condition for a very long time. You can even use it on your vehicle if you want to.

Easy to use

Some paints are best used with paint brushes while others are preferred to be used by rollers. 

This paint, however, can be used by both rollers and brushes. You can even put it in a spray bottle, add a nozzle, and spray the paint in those hard to reach areas to provide better protection against rust.

Comes in different sizes

You can choose from lots of different sizes according to your need. These paints come in large 5-gallons, 1-gallon packages, pints, quarts, and all the way to small quarter-pint sizes.

This allows you to easily choose between the different sizes according to your needs and budget. If you have more than one project or have to paint something else after you are done with the bilco doors then choose the six-pack package and you will not regret it.


  • Very easy to use

  • Can be used with sprays, rollers, and brushes

  • Provides rust, corrosion, and UV resistance

  • Comes in multiple sizes

  • Offers seak proof protection


  • Contains flammable liquid

  • Have to use separate rollers and brushes

Rust-Oleum 7215502 Hammered Metal Finish

Product Overview

Let’s face it even the rookies who have just started painting indoor projects have heard about the brand Rust-Oleum. They are in fact the biggest paint formulation company in the world and are famous for making paints, sprays, and even metallic sprays.

Features & Benefits

An amazing finish

The Rust-oleum 7215502 offers an amazing metallic color that perfectly goes with your bilco doors or any metal objects. Not only is the color amazing, but the finish also looks great.

You will get a shiny smooth finish with this paint. It has been infused with metallic flakes which truly bring out a great color and make your bilco doors look good as new.

Oil-based product

Since it is oil-based, it means that the paint is going to stick to the surface for a very long time. However, it takes a little longer to dry once applied compared to the other paints on the list. It takes more than 24 hours to completely dry up.

Increases durability

We have already mentioned how long-lasting this paint is but that is not the best part.

The best part is that it also comes with protection against rust and corrosion. All you have to do is apply a fat layer of the rust-oleum paint on your bilco doors and you will not have to worry about it for years. 

The anti-rust & corrosion element certainly compliments its shiny smooth finish.


  • Offers a smooth & shiny finish

  • Extremely durable

  • Can be used for both outdoor and indoor projects

  • Rust & Corrosion resistance ability


  • Takes over 24 hours to dry

Diamond Brite Paint 31600 1-Gallon Oil Base All-Purpose Enamel Paint Walnut

Product Overview

Diamond Brite paints have gained quite a reputation in becoming an all-one-metallic paint that is long-lasting and makes the objects look great.

Features & Benefits

Here is what this paint has to offer-

Multiple usages

Up until now, we have only talked about two paints that have excellent qualities but can only be used on metallic surfaces but the Diamond brite paint changes that.

This paint can be used on multiple surfaces including drywall, plaster, wood and not to mention metal surfaces. 

So if you have a leftover can of Diamond Brite paint after painting your bilco doors, you can use it on some other project like a household or industrial flooring, painting basements, garage floors, and patios.

Multiple Resistance

Since it is on this list, you already know that the paint is going to be rust-resistant but the component inside is certainly interesting. 

The Diamond Brite paint has a highly durable gloss enamel that helps protect both interior and exterior surfaces from harsh weather, continuous abrasion, cracking, blistering, fading, and other damages that can occur over time.

Oil-based formulation

Just like Rust-oleum 7215502, the diamond-bright paint is also oil-based. Meaning it will have the same long-lasting effect on the painted surface. It will also prevent any sort of cracking or peeling of the paint. 

The best part is you can use it with whatever tool you want. Whether it be a brush or a roller, you can use it all.


  • Protects the surface from rust & corrosion

  • Keeps surface free from abrasion, cracking & peeling

  • Resists scratches & Scuffs

  • Can be used with brushes or rollers

  • Dries very fast


  • Does not work well with sprays

  • Requires multiple coatings

INSL-X CC5601099-1K Cabinet Coat Enamel

Product Overview

The INSL-X paint is one of those lesser-known paints but is extremely handy when you are looking for something long-lasting and high quality. The brand is famous for paints and special primers.

Features & Benefits

Among several other features, its most important aspects are-

A Super Adhesive Product

If you want something to paint your hard surfaces then this INSL-X paint can be a good option. It has super adhesion qualities and works great on hard surfaces like metal doors, wooden furniture, cabinets, and shelvings.

The best part is that you do not even have to apply a primer. Instead, you can use the paint directly.

Offers a smooth finish

Once applied you will get a smooth finishing because of its adhesions abilities. If you want an even more smooth finishing, you can grit the surface using grit sandpaper. 

The super glossy finish is resistant to rust, corrosion, chipping, and any kind of stains.

Can be used on multiple surfaces

We have already mentioned that it can be used on hard surfaces like metal and wooden surfaces. But it can even be used on poly or laminate surfaces. Before painting be sure to remove the other components. 

You can use paint, brushes, or spray, whichever you find convenient to apply the paint.

The only downside to this paint is that it can not be applied on surfaces that have over 50 degrees or below 10 degrees of temperature.


  • Best used for hard surfaces

  • Can be used without a primer

  • Extremely durable

  • Rust, corrosion, and stain resistant


  • Is not good with dealing temperatures

POR-15 45401 Rust Preventive Coating Semi-Gloss Black

Product Overview

The name POR stands for Prevention Over Rust. The brand is confident in their paints and they really do hold up the reputation. This paint is arguably the strongest rust-resistant paint on this entire list.

Features & Benefits

Let’s see more about this amazing paint-

Powerful rust resistance

The POR-15 stands true to its name and absolutely destroys rust. A lot of people have even used it on rusted surfaces and it stayed that way for years. 

But of course to get the best results you should scrape away the existing rust and then apply the paint. Rest assured as your bilco doors will be rust proof for years.

Easy to apply

You do not need any prior preparation like preheating the paint before applying. All you have to do is choose a brush or a roller, open the container, dip it in, and start painting. Since the paint is powerful it is best to use a cheap brush.

Airtight seal protection

You need to apply multiple layers to get airtight protection. If you do it correctly you will get a permanent non-porous barrier on the surface. This will protect the paint from any corrosion, scratches, and cracks.


  • Powerful rust prevention for metal doors

  • Does not require preheating

  • Offers a non-porous chemical barrier

  • Can be directly applied on rusty surfaces


  • A thin layer of paint can easily peel off

Rust-Oleum 7776730 Protective Enamel Paint

Product Overview

We are halfway through our list and now, we have another one from rust-oleum, the world-famous paint and spray brand beloved by all.

Features & Benefits

Let’s see what the Rust-Oleum 77767630 has up its sleeves-

Dries off very fast

The best part about this one is that it dries up very quickly compared to other metal paints. It can completely dry up in between 3 to 5 hours but lasts a very long time and has all the resistance qualities of other rust-oleum paints.

Works fine with thin layers

A lot of the metal paints require multiple layers so it can be effective on the surface. But the 77767630 will work fine as long as you put two layers. You also do not have to take any prior precautions for using it.

A nice white/black shade color

The white shade color certainly complements your bilco doors and makes them look unique and premium. You can also choose a flat black color.

Whichever you choose, you will not be disappointed with the outcome. It also offers a smooth finish which is perfect for those sturdy bilco metal doors.


  • Flat white color compliments any other shade

  • The colors looks and feels premium

  • Dries of very quick in 3-5 hours

  • Lasts a long time and does not fade

  • Protects from mildew, moisture, stain & rust


  • Is not suitable for ceramic surfaces

KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint, Red

Product Overview

Kilz is known for making quality paints for external paints which is why we have put one of their paints on our list.

Features & Benefits

Here are its most beneficial features-

Covers a large area

The best feature of this Kilz paint is that you can use a simple 1-gallon container to paint over 250 sq feet of area. 

That’s something most paints will never be able to do. Meaning you can save a lot of money if you use this for your outdoor projects like fences, and barn doors.

Premium color lasts a long time

It offers a nice red color that lasts for a very long time. The paint is a little thin so you have to use multiple layers and sometimes paint again after a few years to keep the premium look.

Can be used twice in a day

Another selling point of this paint is that it quickly dries up. It takes less than four hours to completely dry up and can be fully ready for its second coating after six hours. Meaning you can wrap up your entire work in a single day.


  • Offers protection against temperature and moisture

  • Offers a smooth finishing

  • Can be used by brush, roller, & sprays

  • Dries up very fast

  • The premium color is long-lasting


  • May sometimes need thinning

Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Eco-Friendly Paint

Product Overview

Montage paints is a proud US brand that credits itself in creating paint made 100% out of raw materials and post-consumer latex paints

Features & Benefits

Here are its amazing features-

Highly versatile

The montage signature paint can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects. Once you have finished painting those bilco doors, you can use the leftover paints for any big or small, residential, or even commercial projects.

Eco friendly

The paint has absolutely no toxicity and is proven to be completely safe to use. It does not contain any harmful materials that a lot of industrial-grade paints have and hence does not have any disturbing smell.

Extremely durable

After painting it creates a durable and protective layer that keeps the surface free from rust, corrosion, scratches, mildew, and moisture. It comes with a perfectly balanced thickness and a low-sheen finish.


  • A completely eco-friendly paint & safe to use

  • Offers a premium color

  • Lasts over 10 years

  • Good for both indoor and outdoor projects

  • Very low odor


  • Requires multiple coatings

Diamond Brite Paint 31200 1-Gallon Oil Base All-Purpose Enamel 

Paint Silver Grey

Product Overview

We already talked about how reliable Diamond Brite is and here we would like to mention another of their renowned paint

Features & Benefits

Here is what the all-purpose enamel Diamond Brite has to offer-

Completely eliminates rust

Most metal paints are used to cover rust. Usually, you have to scrape off the rust before applying any sort of paint but with Diamond Brite 31200 paint you can apply it directly on the surface and eliminate the rust completely because of its enamel ingredient.

Covers multiple surfaces

The paint can be used on various surfaces like metal, ceramic, glass, concrete, wood, and cement.

A tough layer of protection

The paint is used for industrial projects which is why it comes with high levels of resistance. It has the usual rust & corrosion resistance. It can even stay durable and last a long time after contact with water.


  • Color becomes vivid in only one coating

  • Has a good VOC rating

  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor surfaces

  • Provides protection against rust, corrosion, moisture, and fungus


  • Takes over 1 day for preparation

Majic Paints 8-9400-2 Diamond Hard Interior/Exterior Satin Paint RePurpose your Furniture

Product Overview

At the end of our list, we have the Majic Paint 8-9400-2. Majic paints create reliable budget-friendly paints and have all the best features of metallic paints

Features & Benefits

Here is what it offers-

Does not require prior priming or sanding

You would normally have to sand the whole surface and then use a primer. Then after the primer completely dries, you are able to use a coating of the paint. 

But with this Majic paint, you will not have to wait for that long.

Instead, grab your painting brush, open the lid, and start painting.

Can be used on multiple surfaces

Like we said earlier, it has all the positives of most metallic paints. It can be used on multiple surfaces including metal, ceramic, glass, concrete, wood, cement, and even aluminum. The paint quickly dries off and firmly sticks to the surface which makes the colors last longer.


  • Protects the surface from bad weather conditions

  • Provides rust & corrosion resistance

  • Prevents moisture and fungus

  • Can get the job done in one thin layer


  • Very hard to remove from unwanted areas

Buying Guide

As we mentioned earlier, buying the right paint can be a hassle, especially if it is for your bilco doors or any metal door since the paint has to be made of quality materials. Apart from the paint materials, there are also some buying factors that we are going to discuss now. 

Whenever you decide to buy paint for your bilco doors be sure to look out for these factors-

1. Rust & Corrosion Protection

Your bilco doors are meant to be built outside. So whatever coating or paint you want to use, they must have rust preventive capabilities. Most paints used for bilco or metal doors, in general, have this component. 

But make sure to read out the label whether or not the paint is both rust and corrosion preventive.

2. Type Of Color

You have to decide whether you want a shiny look or a dull one. It is probably best to get something that provides a long-lasting finish. The color even if it is shiny will eventually become bland over time.

So it is not best to start off with a bland color. Instead, choose something that provides a nice shiny finish. You can also choose between common surface or metallic colors like silver, aluminum, gold, or chrome.

3. Ease Of Usage

To properly paint your door you will need to first put a coating of primer since it has a metallic surface. First, you have to apply the primer, wait for it to dry off, and then apply the coating of paint.

Some paints are combined with primers. If you use them you will not have to buy additional primers or wait for two separate coatings. This saves time and makes your work much easier.

Another thing you have to look out for is if the paint can be used by a roller or a brush. Some paints should only be applied with rollers and this is usually written on the label.

If you use your expensive brush on a roller only paint then chances are your brush will be completely destroyed and the bristles will also break apart causing more mess. Decide which tool you want to use to paint and then decide the paint for your door.

4. Durability

The best paint for bilco doors should have all the durability features needed to last long. There are plenty of things like water, cold, heat, and UV that can crack the paint and damage the door. 

Since your door is going to be facing the outdoors it is best to get a paint that can provide protection against these aforementioned problems. 

Final Thoughts 

We really hope you were able to get all the necessary information you needed to buy the best paint for bilco doors. We performed extensive research to find the best paints. But if we had to pick a favorite then it would be the Rust-Oleum 7215502 because of its amazing metal finish and high durability.

If you want to look for other alternatives be sure to consider the buying factors we mentioned above to make the best purchase and best of luck on a successful paint job for your bilco doors.

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