Best Work Light For Painting-2020 Review & Buying Guide


You just finished painting your interior walls and feel positive about it.


A few days pass by and on one bright sunny day, you take another look at your walls. The bright sunlight enters and suddenly you notice roller lines, joint compound & big drips.


This can happen to any of us. It is easy to miss a spot or overdo your strokes while painting, even with plenty of natural light.


To make sure you paint every inch, you need the best work light for painting.


These lights can be aimed directly at your walls to illuminate it and make any flaws visible.


In this article, we will talk about the top 10 work lights, DIY enthusiasts, and pros can use to paint more efficiently.


Comparison Table


Product Name



Woods Clamp Lamp Light

150 W


In360Light Portable Light

192 W


Spotlights Outdoor Camping Light

15 W


Sunlite 04364-SU LED Portable Light

30 W


LEONLITE Linkable LED Light

60 W


VonHaus Two-Head 10000 Led Light

100 W


LEPOWER 30W Outdoor Led Light

30 W


Bosch 12-Volt Cordless Led Light


In360Light Portable Outdoor Led light

54 W


Cat CT1000 Pocket Work Light





Woods Clamp Lamp Light with Aluminum Reflector


Product Overview

The company Woods has been a fan favorite for decades. They are known for their durable and heavy-duty tools for home improvement projects and their lights are no exceptions.


Features & Benefits

Here is what you will get with this Woods Clamp Lamp light-


Focus and Precision

Painting large and plain surfaces is the easy part. The hard part is covering every nook and cranny.


With the Woods clamp light, you will be getting an 8.5” aluminum reflector. This provides a more focused light beam on your preferred surface, making it perfect for small scale projects and painting certain sides of a room.


Easy to move and adjust

The light is very easy to move around thanks to its 6-feet cord. You can hang it close to the ceiling and aim it accordingly. 


It comes with scratch-resistant clamps and does not damage the surface it is attached to. And the ball bearing joint allows you to properly adjust the position of the light.


Powerful Brightness

You can use different power lights. It can even work smoothly with a 250 Watt light but since the woods clamp light is ideal for small spaces, you would be better off with a 150 watt.


That is enough to illuminate a particular corner of the room.


Versatile Use

Combining its lightweight and mobility the Woods Clamp Light becomes a very versatile light. You can use it indoors, outdoors, and in your garage for painting as well as sanding.


But be careful while using outside since it is not waterproof.



  • 8.5” Aluminum reflector for focused lighting

  • High-quality 6-feet cord enables better access

  • Scratch-resistant clamps to attach to surfaces without damaging

  • LED, incandescent & fluorescent bulbs can be used

  • Very lightweight, and easy to carry option 

  • Ball-bearing joint allows smooth positioning 


  • Not the best choice for painting entire rooms

  • The cord cannot withstand too much heat



In360Light Portable LED Work Light 

Product Overview

The In360 lights were designed for contractors. The company realized that small lights needed to be moved around a lot and decided to come up with something bigger and better.

Features & Benefits

Here is what it offers-


An all-area work light

As the name suggests, this is a 360 degree light and shines equally all around. This also does not reflect your own shadow. 


You can stand at any angle and still see bright as day thanks to its incredible 20,000 lumens light. 


One of these alone is capable of lighting up areas of about 2500sq feet. 


Versatile structural support

You can use its telescopic tripod to place it anywhere you like. The combined height of the stand and the light is about 8 feet which allows you to easily see from the bottom to the ceiling of the room. 


But if you want to take a closer look, you can just pick it up by the strap and put it in a step ladder or hang it on a nail you drove into the wall.


Heavy-duty casing

We all know how slippery the floors can be while painting. You will find blobs of paint, slippery mask tapes, and plenty of tripping hazards.


With the In360 light, you won’t have to worry about slipping and knocking it down. It’s heavy-duty and suspension-system casing can easily withstand a few blows. 


Impressive run-time

On average it takes about an hour to paint the walls and ceilings of one room. It almost takes half the time for applying the second coating.


The In360 offers an incredible 10,000-hour battery life. You can even use it years later for your next paint job and it will still serve you right.


The In360 comes at a steep price but can be a great choice for large projects


  • 360-degree lighting provides all area coverage

  • Casing & suspension system keep the bulbs safe

  • 20,000 lumens able to light up large areas

  • Telescopic tripod ensures stability

  • Durable straps make carrying & hanging the light easy

  • 20,000-hour battery life makes it last long



  • Comes with custom-built LED lights

  • The casing is not waterproof



Spotlights Work Lights Outdoor Camping Lights

Product Overview

Hallomall is known for its portable lights which are mostly used for outdoor activities like camping and fishing. But you can use them for your home improvement projects as well.


Here, we will talk about Hallomall’s bestseller the Spotlights 15W work light.


Features & Benefits

Here is a bunch of things you will get with this-


Ultra-bright bluish light

The Spotlight has 15 W, 24 small LED lights. But the more interesting part is the 6000k color temperature. 


With halogen lights, you get a yellowish-white color. These lights have a color temperature of 2000k. Under this yellowish color, it becomes a bit difficult to focus. This is why we now have LED lights.


The spotlight offers 6000k and a bluish-white bright light. This extremely bright light reflects on the surface and allows you to precisely see the color coatings.


The light also comes with two modes, the low light mode, and the high light mode.


Magnet Base

The bottom of the stand has 4 magnets. You can attach the light to any metal or steel surface. 


You can also use the handle to hang it over places or carry it around. The foamy rubber grip feels firm and comfortable.


One Directional Light

The light can only focus on one direction. But you can rotate it as long as you do not screw it tightly to the base.


It is best to put the light on a small desk or on a step ladder and then start working. Otherwise, it will not be able to illuminate the whole length of the surface since the light is not that wide.



This is the first rechargeable light on our list and can run about 10-11 hours after a full 5-hour charge.


However, the brightness decreases a lot after 8 hours. Even in the high light mode, it becomes too difficult to see the inside edges of the wall


  • Ultra-bright white light

  • Heat sink stops the device from overheating

  • Magnetic base firmly attaches 

  • Small and easy to carry around

  • Waterproof casing

  • Very easy to construct


  • The battery life is not that impressive

  • Does not cover large areas


Sunlite 04364-SU LED Portable Construction Work Light 30 Watts, 2000 Lumens

Product Overview

On our search to find the best work light for painting we recently came across The Sunlite 04364 that comes in 2 stylish black and red colors. Other than looks it also comes with some hefty features-

Features & Benefits

Here is what you will be getting-


Bright white 2000 lumen light

The Spotlight gives a more bluish-white whereas the Sunlite here gives off pure bright light with 4000k color temperature.


You will also be getting an impressive 2000 lumens from 60 small diodes to brighten one part of the room since it is a one-directional light.


Very Impressive longevity

Its battery life is a whopping 35,000 hours which means you can do a lot more with this than just painting. 


You can even use it outdoors on your camping adventures.


Energy Efficient 

Despite the heavy 2000 lumens, it still is very energy efficient and uses only 30 watts to power up. 


Meaning you will not have to worry that much about the electricity bill after those long hours of applying fresh coatings.


Adjustable and mobile base

You can take it off from the base and carry it around with you or hang it close to the ceiling when you are painting the top part. It only weighs 1 pound meaning you will not have any problems carrying it around.


Also in the base, it can rotate vertically and horizontally with ease.



  • 4000k bright light offers better visibility

  • Easy to rotate vertically & horizontally

  • Locking mechanism to stabilize light direction

  • Energy-efficient technology saves electric bills

  • UL certified durability & construction

  • Long-lasting battery life


  • The knobs have to be adjusted after every rotation


LEONLITE Linkable LED Temporary Work Light

Product Overview

The lion lite work lights have become popular in large factories and construction sights because of its rugged construction and durability.


Features & Benefits

Let’s see what this light has to offer-


Linkable Lights

One of its unique features is its ability to link to other leonlite lights. You can buy two of these and use its 10 feet cord to link both of the lights.


Hang two lights at two corners and it can easily light up areas of about 1500sq thanks to its impressive 7300 lumens. You can link up to 16 lights for large scale painting and improvement projects.


A Hook & attach function

This comes handy when you are out painting the porch or backyard fences and you need some light to see. You can just hook the Leonlite in a preferred spot and start working.


Its 360 degrees light span also is utilized better when you hook the light on a high place.


Reliable Brightness

Other than the high power 7200 lumen, it also provides 5000k color temperature and has a color rendering index of over 80.


It is sometimes easy to forget whether you have put on a second coating especially if the paint is a light color. 


But thanks to its high CRI you will be able to tell the difference easily.


Energy efficient

Your old halogen or HID lights were really heavy on the wallet. But this linkable work light, despite its heavy outflow, is 60-80% energy efficient.


  • Durable anti-collision guard

  • Waterproof construction

  • Impressive battery life of 50,000 hours

  • Up to 16 similar lights can be interconnected

  • Easy to hook and attach

  • Light free from UV and IR


  • Light creates shadow when sitting on the ground


VonHaus Two-Head 10000 Lumen LED Work Light

Product Overview

The VonHaus Two-head is one of a kind light created by the company. Generally, they create small and portable lights but this one means business.

Features & Benefits

Here is what it offers-


Extendable tripod

The light comes with a sturdy aluminum telescopic tripod. The total height is about 5 feet but the tripod can be extended even more up to 6.5 feet. 


This allows you to see clearly from the bottom to the top of any wall and ceiling. You can adjust the height to your preference and the stand will stay perfectly stable thanks to its weight. 


Detachable twin lights

The two lights can be detached and used separately. The lights can be rotated vertically from 30-90 degrees and put in different corners when you are painting in groups.


These are excellent for painting hallways since you can put one on each end and that way it will not create any shadow. 


Each light contains 5000 lumens. Meaning you will definitely see bright as a day.


Easy to set up

The whole thing may look bulky but can be set up with ease in a few minutes. 


The cord however is short and it’s safe to have an extension cord at your disposal.


Compatible for outdoors

The sturdy stand makes it stable even in the soil. Due to its bulky size and massive lights, you can easily use it while detailing your RV outside the garage.



  • Water-resistant casing

  • The impact-resistant casing protects the lights

  • Telescopic stand extends up to 80 inches

  • Detachable self-standing twin lights for extra cover

  • Can be easily tilted and positioned 



  • Takes up a lot of space to set up

  • Needs an extension cord 

  • Does not rotate 360 degree


LEPOWER 30W LED Work Lights Stand Outdoor

Product Overview

Lepower lights are mostly portable yet extremely durable.

Features & Benefits

This 30 W model comes with-

3000 Lumen brightness

The box says to not directly look at the light for a reason. It is definitely bright and it gives the bright wight color which is the perfect solution to your wet/non-wet paint detection problem.


Energy efficient

The Lepower lights are also great when it comes to saving your electricity bills. Despite the heavy outflow, these lights are still able to be up to 80% energy efficient. 



You may not need this feature while working indoors but it is always good to have waterproof electrical equipment, especially while painting. The glass, however, is somewhat fragile


Easily adjustable

The light weighs almost 3 pounds and has a foamy grip. It can also be rotated vertically to 180 degrees and horizontally to 360 degrees. But you have to tighten and loosen the knob every time you want to reposition.



  • Impressive energy efficiency

  • Bright white light offers more visibility

  • Can be rotated both vertically and horizontally

  • Heat dissipated glass

  • Die-cast aluminum construction



  • Fragile glass 

  • Knobs have to be adjusted after every rotation



Bosch 12-Volt Max LED Cordless Work Light

Product Overview

The Bosch has been flexing a lot of innovativeness in their recent products which is good news for us as they make handy tools related to woodworking and home improvement projects. The Bosch 12-volt light is the smallest light in this list but can pack a punch.

Features & Benefits

Let’s take a look at its features-


Extremely sturdy build

Right off the bat, it is sturdy! It looks and feels pretty compact and solid. A lot of its part looks like hard plastic but it’s actually metal. 


Despite being small the light has some weight to it which helps in stabilizing it 


Versatile mounting options

Apart from the compactness, the one thing I loved about this light is its versatile mounting options


It has a tripod attachment option at the bottom, a hook to hang the light when you will be painting, repairing, or sanding high places, a magnetic base to easily attach to steel or metal surfaces, and even a metal carabiner.


This light is perfect for small scale projects like painting miniature models or painting small creeks. 


But do not get me wrong here. Despite the size, it is very bright. We are talking about 350-lumen brightness.


Battery Powered

It can run for about 6 hours with a 2 Ah battery and for 12 hours with a 4 Ah battery which is not really impressive but also not bad.



  • Sturdy construction

  • Easy to mount and highly adjustable

  • Magnet base to attach to steel and metal surface

  • 350 lumen light perfectly lights small places


  • No battery indicator light

  • Battery life is not that impressive



In360Light LED Shop Light Portable Work Outdoor Indoor 360 Degrees

Product Overview

We have another one from In360 and this one is different from the last since it is compact and has a unique shape.

Features & Benefits

Here is what it provides-


360 coverage

The name makes it pretty obvious. It provides 360-degree lighting which is also very bright.


6000 lumens bright to be precise. Its range can cover up to 25 feet. This means you will only be needing one of these to brighten up the entire room.

Because of the bright daylight color of the light, it also does not create any shadow.


Waterproof and sturdy build

The light is not waterproof but it can hold on its own if it drizzles. It’s best used for painting and working indoors and in garages.


Portable & Lightweight

The light may look bulky but is actually very light in comparison. It only weighs about 3.5 pounds and you can carry it around by the durable straps attached to it.



  • 360 Degree lighting

  • Compact and sturdy build

  • Does not dissipate too much heat

  • Does not create shadow



  • Does not offer much mounting options


Cat CT1000 Pocket COB LED Flood Beam Pocket Work Light

Product Overview

Here we have the CAT CT1000, the most lightweight and portable light on our work light list. 


The Company CAT is famous for construction tools and equipment. Meaning, all of their tools last a long while

Features & Benefits

Here is what the Cat Ct1000 comes with-


Magnetic base

There is a magnetic base at the bottom that allows you to stick it to metal and steel surfaces. 


This helps when working on a small project in the garage. You can just horizontally stick it on to a metal surface and work under the light.


175 lumens light

Speaking of lights, you get a decent 175 lumen light which is impressive considering the size.


You can use it to double-check if you missed any spots such as creeks, edges, or hard to reach spots while painting. The bright light can easily make any flaws visible.


Decent runtime

With just 3 AAA batteries this device can continuously light up to 7 hours which to me is very impressive.



  • Easy to adjust and attach

  • Extremely lightweight

  • Water-resistant body

  • Impressive battery life

  • 350 lumen light to brighten up small places


  • The magnetic base wears out overtime



Buying Guide

For painting your interior, exterior, or garage you do not need gigantic work lights to make everything visible. But aside from size, there are some features you must look for. 


If you are convinced with the list we provided then great! 


But if you want to keep looking for the best work light for painting then be sure to check for the following features before you decide to buy-


1. Brightness

Remember the common mistakes we mentioned at the beginning?


Your work light’s job is to help stop those mistakes by making the place brighter and illuminating any flaws.


For work lights, brightness is measured with lumens or watt. In terms of comparison, a 100 watt led light would be the same as a 1000 lumens light.


Assuming you are painting in normal conditions and have your house lights on. Then a regular 100 watt or 1000 lumens will do the job. But if you are solely relying on your work light then you would need something with 3000 or 4500 lumens.


2. Mobility  

Your work light needs to be aimed at the surface you are painting. It is not supposed to be used as house lights where you can just plug it in one place


Which means there is going to be a lot of moving around. For your paint job, you will need a multifocal LED light that can be easily moved around.


There are lights that need stands or tripods and then there are some that can be hung near the ceiling to better focus on particular areas.



3. Energy Efficiency

High-powered work lights can be real energy hogs. If you are planning for a long project with your light on then be ready for a hefty electricity bill next month.


However, there are energy-efficient ones. Be sure to get one that has about 70-80% efficiency.


4. Light Direction

If you have only one wall or surface to paint then you can work with a one-directional light that can be tilted. But that is usually not the case. 


If you have to paint the entire room or have multiple people working in the same room then it would be best to select a 360 degree or omnidirectional light.


That way everyone can see clearly and you can just put the light in one place and finish the job.



Final Thoughts

I am glad I was able to share all this information with you about work lights. Now you have a clear idea about the variety of lights available and can hopefully make a more informed decision while buying. 


The best work light for painting will certainly elluminate the place and make painting, sanding or any home improvement job much easier. 


We hope you make the best use of the knowledge we came to share with you. 


Good Luck!

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