Best Paint For Wrought Iron Fence- Review & Buying Guide 2020


Your wrought iron fence adds a traditional look to your property but when left untreated and unprotected they rust, get flakey, and just do not pop anymore, bringing down your homes curb appeal.

Even after years of rough use, you can still make it look new by painting. But you can not just paint it like your walls or use the same paints. You will be needing wrought iron paints.

These paints are formulated for things that are meant to stay outside.

The best paint for wrought iron fence will make it durable and better looking than ever.

A proper paint job will last more than 3-5 years and will only take $75 in supplies

In this article, we would like to show you the 10 best wrought iron paints available in the market.

Comparison Table




Rust-Oleum 7251830-6PK


Cobalt blue

Krylon K09104000 COVERMAXX


Banner read

Rustoleum 249132 Universal


Aged Copper

Montana MTN 94 Color Set



Design Master DM241


Rose Gold

Rust-Oleum 7251830-6PK Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint

Product Overview

Rust-oleum has been manufacturing paints and protective coating for industrial and home use for a long time and most of their products are a big  hit among the users across the automotive, construction, and home improvement industries.

Here we have another one from Rust-Oleum, a 6 pack spray paint for both internal external surface use.

Features & Benefits

Let’s see what else it brings on the table-

A Metallic Finish

You would want something that gives a metallic finish to match your wrought iron fence.

This spray does exactly that; its metallic finish completely eliminates any previous flaws and gives your fence a fresh look and not to mention it provides strong rust and corrosion preventing coating.

Any-Angle Spray

The nozzle of the spray has been created to spray at any angle. This comes very handy in covering the hard to reach areas of your fence. Especially areas like the spindles and bottom rails.

The Rust-Oleum offers a nice comfortable finger pad so you can spray longer without hurting your finger.

The 6-Pack You Need

If you are planning to paint or restore the entire fence then this 6 pack should definitely get the job done. Each can is able to cover at least 15 sq. feet

Versatile Use

This Rust-Oleum is not something you can only use on your wrought iron fences. 

You can use the spray to get that amazing metallic finish and glossy cobalt-color on wood, masonry concrete, and even metal surfaces. 


  • Provides a nice metallic finish

  • Has amazing rust prevention abilities

  • Protects surfaces from weather effects

  • Oil-based compound increases the durability of the surface

  • Paint dries in 20 minutes


  • Does not work on thin plastic sheets

Krylon K09104000 COVERMAXX Spray Paint

Product Overview

Krylon is a renowned brand with an impressive background in providing quality spray paints. Their products promise to bring a whole new look to any object both indoors and outdoors.

Here we have the Krylon K09104000 COVERMAXX that gives you a banner red color to make your fence really pop out.

Features & Benefits

Let’s see what else it has to offer-

A Paint & Primer Combination

Krylon has really done a good job by including primer in this product. This basically gives you a combination of primer and paint in one single spray. 

Normally you would have to carefully apply primer on the whole fence and wait for it to dry then add the first coating. Byt since the krylon already has primer in it. 

You can start painting immediately after sanding.

Very Quick Drying

The can says that the color takes about 10 minutes to dry which is very fast

However, we found out that because of the temperature and the way of using it, it sometimes takes a bit longer. But it still dries off within 15 minutes and that is still very impressive.

Matte Finish

The paint dries off quickly and leaves behind a nice matte finish along with a long lasting rust protective coating to also prevent adhesion. 

However, for its oil-based material to work the surface needs to be sanded properly. 

Sanding your wrought iron fences can be tedious but it ensures the fence gets proper adhesion and increased durability.

Comfortable Spray Tip

You have to do one long continuous spray to ensure the paint does not become grainy. 

The easy push spray tip allows you to keep spraying comfortably without too much pressure.


  • Primer saves times when painting

  • Makes the surface moisture & rust resistant

  • Quick-drying gets the job done fast

  • Comfortable spray tip makes it easy to use longer

  • Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use

  • Semi-gloss finish prevents flashing


  • Need multiple coatings to get darker shades

Rustoleum 249132 Universal Metallic 11 oz Spray Paint

Product Overview

In number three we have another one from Rust-oleum. The company has a wide variety of spray paints and coatings that are all used for both indoor and outdoor projects.

This one sprays an aged copper color which is a little bit golden and a little bit brown but absolutely gorgeous-

Features & Benefits

Here is what the Rustoleum 249132 has to offer

The Perfect Outdoor Spray

Given its multi-use and effectiveness on different surfaces, you can use this spray on your mailboxes, outdoor lights and not to mention your wrought iron fence.

Easy To Maneuver

The can is very easy to control and you can even spray it upside down to get the hard to reach spots. 

For better control, the spray cans also have drip-guards and a 2 finger grips. This ensures comfort and longer spray time without hurting the fingers.

High-Quality Texture

The color looks stunning and gives a more rustic look than your traditional black or metallic color.

You also will not have to worry about your fence’s or any other outdoor object’s color fading away. 

The paint is fade-resistant and UV resistant as well. Meaning, if there is no external impact than the color is here to stay for a very long time 

Oil-based formula

The oil-based formula works great in providing rust, corrosion, and chip-resistant coating


  • Provides long-lasting protection against rust

  • Can be sprayed upside down to reach small places

  • 2-finger comfortable trigger ensures better maneuverability

  • Makes the surface chip resistant

  • UV and fade resistance makes the color last long


  • The nozzle is low quality

  • Take a 30-60 minutes to dry

It’s best to avoid the given nozzle. You would be better off with a Rust-oleum clip on nozzle. It’s much easier to control. Apart from this, the Rustoleum 249132 is hands-down the best paint for wrought iron fence.

Montana MTN 94 Spray Paint Grey Scale Colors Set of 12 

Product Overview

The company Montana Colors is well known for providing high-quality color spray paints and is a very popular brand in the street art community. The spray paints can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The MTN 94 raises the bar of color quality even more and comes with a set of 12 cans.

Features & Benefits

Let’s take a look at some of Montana MTN 94 features-

Vibrant Colors

This one is a 12 set pack and comes with fixed colors. The colors might be a bit tacky to use on a wrought iron fence but the bright look on your fence can change the entire ambiance.

Especially the London gray, agro blue and their normal black and white can really make your fence pop.

Super Fast Drying

The paints dry off really quickly. Since these are more commonly used for street arts they make it so they dry almost in a couple of minutes. 

You will not be getting a rust preventive coating but you will be able to finish the job in half the time.

No chemical smell

If you are working on the entire fence you definitely need to wear a mask. But even so, the chemical smell of paint can be quite nauseating.

The good thing about the Montana spray paints is that there is no chemical smell what so ever rather you will be greeted with a sweet vanilla scent.


  • Paint dries super fast

  • No chemical smell makes it easy to work with

  • High-quality nozzle enhances precision

  • Low pressure can allow you to paint faster


  • Clogs up if not used for a while

  • Has no rust preventive quality

Design Master DM241 Premium Metallic Spray Paint

Product Overview

The company Design Master focuses on versatility when it comes to surface applications. Their sprays work on even delicate surfaces like fabric and silk but also work on metal, wood & Masonry.

The colors are also very vibrant and stand out.

Features & Benefits

Here is what the Design Master DM241 has to offer-

Vibrant Color

Where most of the spray will give you a brownish color, this paint spray gives you the original rose gold color. It is vibrant and long-lasting.

It offers a smooth polish and the paint does not bubble up or drip. An even and smooth polish is certain to enhance the look of your wrought iron fence.

Versatile Use

The spray works great for both delicate and rough surfaces. After finishing your wrought iron fence, you can use it to match your indoor objects. 

You will be able to cover silk, fabric, wood, and metal with that amazing rose gold color

As a matter of fact, the spray can is more preferred for indoors than outdoors.

Long-Lasting Spray

Despite having no rust preventive quality, the color still does not fade and has medium weather resistance.


  • Wide range spray ensures more coverage

  • High-quality color does not fade

  • Very fast drying time

  • The paint does not drip at all


  • The can gets clogged up often

Krylon K02203 General Purpose

Product Overview

Krylon provides spray paint that is used for indoor and outdoor purposes and considering their variety of available colors and types the brand has become quite popular in the painting industry.

Features & Benefits

Here is what the Krylon K02203 has to offer-

Fast-drying paint

When you are handling your outdoor projects you would want the paint to dry off quickly so you can get done with the second coating. 

This is why it is good to have a spray at your disposal which dries really fast. The Krylon K02203 dries off in about 15 minutes after use.

Shiny Finish

The rose gold color looks very appealing and to make your fence pop even more the coating provides a shiny finish.

High-quality Nozzle

The nozzle allows you to paint precisely and makes it easier for you to paint the hard to reach spots. This makes painting the bottom part of the spindle easier.


  • Color does not fade easily

  • Fast-drying paint gets the job done quickly

  • Long-lasting shine increases durability

  • Protects surface from UV rays and yellowing


  • Does not provide scratch resistance

  • Best used indoors

Be sure to use a primer before using the spray paint.

KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint

Product Overview

KILZ is also one of the big names in the house remodeling industry because of their wide variety of paints, sprays, and coatings. They have been around for 40 years and even were rewarded paint of the year back in 2015.

Wood, concrete, metal it covers all.

Features & Benefits

The KILZ exterior paint certainly does not disappoint thanks to its amazing features.

All-purpose paint

Your wrought iron fence is going to take a beating. To make it last longer the Kilz paint provides a thick layer of coating which does not crack, peel of, or blister. The color looks the same for years.

Wide coverage

Your wrought iron fence has a porous surface meaning small holes and cracks. After many years the surface is bound to be porous.

But with the Kilz paint, you will be easily able to cover 200 sq. feet with just 1 gallon of paint. 

Adhesion Formula For Protection

The paint is oil-based which means it  has that adhesion quality to enhance durability and prevention against bad weather


  • Provides crack and blister resistance

  • Easily covers large areas

  • Very long-lasting paint

  • Can be used with sprays


  • Slow drying time

POR-15 45718 Top Coat Gloss Clear Spray Paint

Product Overview

The company provides high-quality paints, spray, coating for the house, industrial and automobile use. This means they definitely know the business and their paints do not disappoint.

Features & Benefits

For painting your wrought iron fence, I believe the POR-15 45718 is a perfect choice & here is why-

A DTM paint

Although DTM stands for direct to metal. This can also be applied to your iron fence. All you have to do is shake the can for one minute and then start spraying.

The paint is also rust-preventive making and takes about 3

Long-time color retention

The paint meets all the OSHA criteria and it is actually used to paint a lot of hazard and caution signs. This means the paints are made to last which is good news for your wrought iron fence.

Self-priming ability

The paint has the primer components which means you can directly start spraying and get the job done at half the time.


  • Prevents rust to increase longevity

  • No need for primer saves your time

  • Long-lasting gloss outshines regular paint

  • Provides a smooth finishing on rough surfaces


  • The paint occasionally clogs

Valspar 21925 Satin Wrought Iron Black Enamel

Product Overview

Valspar has come up with some very unique colors over the years and proves to be innovative still. 

They have an impressive line of paint and sealant products for all kinds of indoor & outdoor projects.

Features & Benefits

Here is what it offers-

Long-lasting color

The Valspar 21925 was designed for multiple uses. This is why they made the color with anti-fading components so you do not have to worry about the color fading anytime soon.

Provides various protection

Multiple coverages include water, scratch, and UV resistance. Even after years of rough use, the paint is not going to come off. 

Chrome-metallic finish

The thick coating leaves a shiny finish. The color and the finish both perfectly suit a wrought iron fence.


  • Anti-fading paint last very long

  • Water, scratch, and UV-resistant coating

  • Durable glossy finish lasts a long time


  • Is not rust-preventive

  • The paint is not brushed nickel

Stainless Steel Rust Protective Spray Paint

Product Overview

The manufacturer of this amazing spray paint has created an assortment of spray paints specifically for outdoor sport gears. Their paint is also widely used in the automobile and construction industry.

Features & Benefits

Let’s see what it has to offer-

Rustproof pigments

This spray paint has special pigments that enable it to fight against rust and corrosion. Which makes it an ideal choice for your wrought iron fence.

Fast Drying

There are faster drying sprays than this one but 30 minutes is still impressive. Especially considering the shiny finish.

Thick protection layer

The thick layer of paint makes the surface resistant against heat, oil, water, sunlight, and harsh weather.

So you do not have to worry about your wrought iron fence fading anytime soon.


  • Dries within 30 minutes in any condition

  • Rustproof pigments make the surface rust-resistant

  • UV resistant prevent surface from yellowing


  • Loses the original color shade in a few years

How To Paint Your Wrought Iron Fence With A Spray Paint

Painting your entire wrought iron fence can be a bit tedious because there are so many other things to do before the main painting.

You first have to scrape it all off, sand every tiny grit and bar, apply the primer then start the paint job. A few cans of spray paint can make your job easier and less time consuming

Here is how you should do it-

Start With The Spindles

Always give the can a nice shake. This makes sure the paint has a nice blend and it does not clog at the tip when coming out.

You should start with the spindles and grits because they are the hardest to paint. Spray consistently and do not stop and spray. If you do this. There is a chance of overlapping the paint.

Go For the Top

After the spindles go for the top rails. If you start with the top and then go to the spindles you may end up getting flashing on your top rails.

But you would not want that. You would want it to be a smooth finish on the top layer.

Down To The Bottom

Finally, you can head down to the bottom layer. By doing the bottom layer at the end you also reduce the risk of getting any fall out from the top layer. This allows you to spray quickly and gives you a nice finish.

Before spraying be sure to put on your monkey suit and roll out 4 by 4 construction or rosin paper so the overspray does not drop onto your grass or concrete.

Buying Guide

The spray paint has to be easy to use but have the innate qualities to make the fence more durable and long-lasting. The main purpose of the paint is not to make the fence shiny but having a high color quality is surely a good thing.

Finding the right one can be a real struggle since there are so many spray paints out there. Here are some buying criteria you need to look out for to buy the best paint for wrought iron fence– 

1. Types Of Paint

House paints are for house stuff and wrought iron paints are for stuff that is meant to be outside. 

Wrought iron in itself has some redeeming qualities that separate itself from regular or cast iron. These two types of paint are ideal for painting wrought iron-

Enamel Paints

Enamel paints have industrial-grade durability. It also keeps your wrought iron fences free from rust and corrosion.

Acrylic Based Latex Paint

Normal latex paints do not suit the conditions of wrought iron surfaces. However, an acrylic-based latex will expand and contract due to the temperature and better stick to the surface providing better protection.

2. Nozzle tip

This is not something that directly affects the quality of the paint but does affect the overall paint job. 

Most of the sprays we talked about in our list have regular/medium caps. These blow out just the right amount of paint to cover the bars of the fence. 

Avoid using spray paints with fat caps and for more accurate spraying you can look for tight caps.

3. Paint quality

Your wrought iron fences are bound to take a beating in harsh environments which is why you have to make sure your paint is corrosion, scratch, and rust-resistant. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money.

Wrought iron paints are formulated in a way to have all these qualities so make sure your desired paint has these as well.

4. Color & Finish

Make sure the color matches the description. A lot of times, colors like blue or red have a lot of different shades. Be sure to read the description and check out the color if it is what you really want. 

The generic colors would be back and metallic gray but there are people who like to touch up their fences in a different color to make it look more modern and appealing and since it is a wrought iron fence make sure your paint offers a smooth finish.

5. Gloss

Spray paints with high gloss can cause flashing. Flashing means the light will badly reflect on the surface and make the object shine. 

It also indicates uneven coating and you definitely do not want that on your wrought iron fence which is why I prefer buying medium or semi-gloss spray paints. 

You will find whether it is a semi-gloss in the description of most products. So, check before choosing.

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of our picks for the best paint for wrought iron fence. We hope you found all this information helpful.

All of the paints we mentioned above are designed to get your fence the best possible color, finish and not to mention protection needed against different elements.

Even if you are looking for a different spray paint, be sure to look for the buying criteria we mentioned in our guide to make the best purchase.

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