What’s The Best Electric Screwdriver For You? Top 10 Reviews

True Innovation Is Something That Removes An Existing Limitation.

Electric screwdrivers are one of the great innovative inventions of our time. They remove the limitations that require manual and difficult work.

Harsh strong worker with screw

Any handyman wants an electric screwdriver that is compact, portable and cordless. There's nothing worse than cables that get in the way and pose a safety risk.

Electric Screwdriver make life so much easier

An important feature in any amateur and professional handyman's tool box is a good, solid and reliable electric screwdriver. Power tools do not exclusively remain in the realm of the professional handyman.

Tool bag Screwdriver

Ease of use is key to choosing an electric screwdriver that does the job well. A good workman is only as good as the tools he uses.

Electric Screwdriver And Bits

We've compiled a list of recommended electric screwdrivers that would cater for a range of functions for the most average DIY enthusiast to the more serious heavy duty handyman.

So What Are The Benefits Of Owning An Electric Screwdriver?

Unless a direct benefit is perceived, one would never even consider buying something. The benefits of owning an electric screwdriver are obvious and numerous. 

Here Are A Few To Consider

  • Energy efficient – compared to a normal hand-driven screwdriver, an electric screwdriver will save you effort and energy, not to mention harsh wear-and-tear on your hands.
  • Time efficient – the time it takes to drive in a screw with an electric screwdriver is easily cut down in half compared to doing it manually. This would also result in higher productivity especially in a factory or workshop setting.
  • Precision – an electric screwdriver will allow for more accurate and precise driving in of screws mainly because of the torque and speed that cannot be achieved manually.
  • Versatility – because an electric screwdriver includes a variety of bits, you no longer need to carry around a whole set of manual screwdrivers.
  • Cheaper – in the end, it will cost less to buy an electric screwdriver kit with a range of interchangeable bits than a host of manually-driven screwdrivers. Most electric screwdrivers have a spindle lock facility to convert from electric to manual screw driving

How To Select The Best Electric Screwdriver? Know It Here

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to electric screwdrivers so we’ve had to cut back and limit our selection to ten of the best as far as variety goes. Not only is there a multitude of great brand names available but what these screwdrivers can do is even more multitudinous.

electric screwdriver

Whether it’s tightening a loose pot lid from the kitchen, changing an electric plug, hanging framed pictures or more demanding tasks such as completing a complicated woodworking project, a suitable electric screwdriver is indispensable. Every toolbox should have one.

changing an electric plug by screwdriver

​With such a massive variety to choose from, where does one start? This article is designed to help you make a decision. We’ve done some of the hard work for you by researching and gleaning a wide range of electric screwdrivers with the aim of catering for three categories:

  • The “hard hitting” DIY professional.
  • The “middle-of-the-road” intermediate DIY enthusiast.
  • The novice “once-in-a-blue-moon” DIY fixer-upper

Although the more powerful and larger devices are up to most tasks, they could also be very ineffective and impractical with lighter tasks.They are usually less versatile as they have less multi-functional features. The big boys are usually designed for power and torque.

screw driver

All of the screwdrivers reviewed here are battery operated adding to the convenience of not having to deal with cables except for when charging the batteries.

Top Things To Consider While Buying Electric Screwdriver

When considering which electric screwdriver to buy, the following needs to be taken into account:

What the screwdriver is specifically needed for e.g. heavy duty projects, more intermediate DIY tasks or simply light weight maintenance around the house.


Price – this should match the need. Heavy duty screwdrivers would cost more but a less expensive one may be more than adequate and sometimes more effective.

simple electric screwdriver

Brand name – we love our brands. We are loyal to them. Certain brands bring to mind good quality. Most times, we resist buying brands we don’t know nor trust.

name brand electric screwdriver

Technical specifics such as torque, RPM (revolutions per minute) and voltage are in most instances not relevant except to the professional user.

Additional features are often useful but to the experienced professional, not necessary. They usually have other tools to that can complete tasks that are featured in multi-functional devices

best electric screwdriver

List Of 10 Best Electric Screwdrivers On The Market Today

1. Bosch IXO III - B00C09PS3S

Thegun-shaped feel and soft rubber grip of this electric screwdriver are designed especially for easy and comfortable handling and the LED light makes it convenient to work in dark areas.

The 3.6-volt battery is protected from overheating, overloading and total discharge. This falls in line with Bosch’s cell protection efforts. Included with the drill are 10 bits in a holder and a battery charger. It produces a more than adequate 180 RPM’s.

It has a magnetic bit holder for convenient storage and accessibility. The motor brake allows for precise work when driving in a row of screws.

This Bosch electric screwdriver is suitable for light work around the house.

What You Will Like Most About This Electric Screwdriver:

  • The easy and comfortable rubber grip of the drill handle.
  • The convenience of the LED light that can be used to see in those dark and hidden areas.
  • It’s small and compact and suitable for small jobs

2. Worx WX252L XTD - B00NOVP82W

What makes this electric screwdriver by Worxunique is its extended reach shaft allowing it to get into far corners not normally reachable. Despite the extended shaft, it can still be used as a normal electric screwdriver. The shaft can be easily extended by pushing a lever forward and locking it into place.

The offset chuck allows for easy access in tight corners. In other words, the chuck forms part of the internal casing of the device. The 4 volt power outage and 36 inch pounds torque makes this electric screwdriver more than up to the task.

It has an auto spindle lock option should you want to switch to manual screw driving. The Worx electric screwdriver is suitable for intermediate work and for users that are budget-conscious.

What you will like most about this electric screwdriver:

  • The price is well-suited for the budget-conscious handyman.
  • The extended reach shaft allowing you access to recessed areas that are hard to reach.
  • Being able to easily switch to manual screw driving via the spindle lock

3. Milwaukee 2101-21 M4 - B01D8UCFL0

Included in this typically powerful electric screwdriver kit, is a screwdriver bit set, two batteries, and a charging cradle. Charging time is only 45 minutes. The handle can be folded up for compact storage.

This device is tough, has great power and is an excellent choice if you're looking for a good, solid performer.

It only weighs 1 pound which is really light when considering the power it produces. Smaller devices in this review are heavier than this one. This screwdriver has a two speed gearbox producing 200 and 600 RPM’s.

The torque is adjustable and is easily controlled taking off excess strain on your wrist. It’s able to produce 44 inch pounds of torque which makes it a very powerful device to use on big projects in the workshop.

The forward and reverse buttons are easy to operate using your thumb. It’s powered by a 4 volt sealed battery and it has a 21 position clutch setting and an auto shut off feature.

The Milwaukee electric screwdriver is recommended for high-end and heavy duty work required by professional users.

What you will like most about this electric screwdriver:

  • Two batteries are provided to ensure your device is fully charged and able to be used all the time
  • What it lacks in features it makes up for in toughness and durability
  • For what this device produces, the price is just spot on

4. Makita DF010DSE - B001TWPOYU

With this featured device, overdriving can be prevented by disengaging the clutch and thereby utilizing the auto-stop clutch feature. It has a two-speed gear selection with RPM’s of 200 and 650 respectively. It also has a low battery LED indicator that blinks when the battery needs to be recharged. Two batteries are provided.

This electric screwdriver is designed for the professional and is compact yet powerful. If you’re looking for an electric screwdriver that can handle heavy jobs, look no further. The Makita electric screwdriver is surprisingly versatile for a powerful device with some really useful features.

​The powerful motor produces a 44 inch pounds torque. This makes it ideal for heavy duty work in the workshop. The 21 clutch settings allows for added control and precision drilling. The built-in LED light illuminates dark areas.

​The chuck allows for quick bit changes and the two position handle can be used in either a pistol grip or a straight position. The soft grip handle and ergonomic shape make it comfortable to use.

For the power this electric screwdriver packs, it’s very lightweight, weighing in at only 1.2 pounds.

​This electric screwdriver is designed for heavy work and most suitable for use by professional artisans.

What you will like most about this electric screwdriver:

  • The low battery indicator so that there are no unexpected surprises when the charge runs out
  • The powerful torque yet easy control via the auto stop clutch
  • 3-year warranty as opposed to the normal 1 or 2 years on the tool and 1 year warranty on the batteries and charger
  • Two batteries are provided

5. DeWaltDCF610S2 - B0043XX872

Available as a kit, included are two batteries, charger and a kit bag. As a performer, it has multiple torque settings, variable speeds and a reverse action. Not to be confused with a hand drill despite its appearance, this electric screwdriver packs a powerful 12 volts of electrical power.

The three LED lights mounted around the barrel, provides a shadow-free illuminating effect for those dark spaces. A convenient belt clip allows for easy portability and accessibility. It is specifically designed to be compact which aids with drilling in small spaces not accessible to most electric screwdrivers. As a result, straight penetration is achieved avoiding angled driving that results in damaged screws and surfaces.

Great handling balance is achieved with the weight evenly distributed between its ergonomic body grip and battery pack. This electric screwdriver is easy and comfortable to grip providing excellent control while driving in screws.

The chuck can easily be loaded with one hand. Charging time of batteries is a very quick 30 minutes to an hour.

This electric screwdriver is ideally suited for intermediate work.

What you will like most about this electric screwdriver:

  • The 3 year limited warranty and one year free service contract
  • 12 volts of electrical output
  • The belt clip for ease of carrying
  • The speedy battery charge

6. Black & Decker BDCS30C- B00TM2T940

The 180 RPM’s and 35 ins-lbs of torque makes this electric screwdriver by Black & Decker more than adequate for work around the house. It has an LED light to illuminate dark areas and a USB charging port that can be charged from a computer with a USB outlet. This initiates quick charging of batteries four times faster than other electric screwdrivers made by Black & Decker. The USB charging cable is not included.

The compact design allows for access into tight spots and the grip is comfortable making it easy to control. It is attachment capable allowing for compatibility with all of Black & Decker’s future attachments. Two screw driving bits are included.

The Black & Decker electric screwdriver is good value for money and is recommended for everyday light chores around the house. It carries a 2 year warranty.

What you will like most about this electric screwdriver:

  • It is small and compact
  • The price
  • The USB charging facility

7. Hitachi DB3DL2 - B004Y74AU6

This offering by Hitachi has an easy forward and reverse switch offering two speeds (260 and 780 RPM’s) for better control when using this application.

You can adjust for a lot of precision with its 21 clutch settings plus 1 drill setting. An LED light allows for illumination in dark areas and activates when the “on” button is pushed. It switches off after a period of time in order to conserve battery power. The spindle lock allows for manual screw tightening and the hex chuck allows for quick and easy bit changes.

The dual position handle can convert to straight or pistol grip providing flexibility in given situations and the forward and reverse switch is well-positioned for easy use. The spindle lock allows for manual screwdriving.

This electric screwdriver is powered by a 3.6 volt lithium ion battery and a quick charger cradle is provided as well as a hard case for storage and portability.

The Hitachi electric screwdriver may not be the most powerful around, but for this price, it will deliver on what is required and last a long time. Great for intermediate work in the workshop and at home.

What you will like most about this electric screwdriver:

  • 21 clutch settings allowing for a lot of precision screwdriving
  • Hitachi’s lifetime tool warranty and 2 year battery warranty
  • LED light illumination

8. WORX WX254L SD - B008X448KS

This electric screwdriver has a unique slide action bit selection facility. Included are two rapid reload cartridges that can contain six bits in each one and are quickly interchangeable. The cartridges ensure that bits never get lost.

A battery charger is provided and this electric screwdriver is known to keep a charge for up to 18 months making it conveniently always ready. The lithium ion battery produces a 4 volt power supply to this little device. A screw starter drill bit to make pilot holes is included.

A well-placed LED light illuminates dark areas and has a 2 year warranty. It has a reverse mode to allow for the removing of screws.

This Worx electric screwdriver is most suitable for odd jobs around the house.

What you will like most about this electric screwdriver:

  • The rapid reload cartridges
  • The charge longevity
  • The well-placed LED light

9. DeWalt DCF680N2 - B00DL7QDS2

This electrical screwdriver by DeWalt has a unique gyroscopic function allowing you to change the direction of the driver as well as the speed. In other words, this is motion activated as opposed to adjustable via a switch. With a bit of practice, one gets used to this function which actually proves to be a very useful and convenient feature.

The motor produces up to 430 RPM’s and has 15 clutch position settings.

The two-position handle allows for pistol and straight grip.Two 8 volt lithium batteries are supplied as well as a carry case. An LED light illumines dark areas.

The DeWalt electric screwdriver is made for lighter and easier work in the workshop.

What you will like most about this electric screwdriver:

  • Once you have mastered it, the gyroscopic function
  • Two batteries are provided
  • 8-volt battery power

10. Black & Decker AS6NG - B004HY3APW

Black & Decker’s most popular electrical screwdriver, this little device has areverse or forward switch allowing for easy removing and screwing in of screws and the lock function can be utilized for manual screwdriving.

It requires 4 x AA batteries which are included.Lightweight and easy to handle, this very popular and best-selling Black & Decker electric screwdriver is highly affordable and perfect for small and light household chores.

Keep one stored in your kitchen to tighten those pot handle lids and various other light tasks required from time to time. That’s what this electric screwdriver is really designed for.

What you will like most about this electric screwdriver:

  • The price
  • It’s small and compact and could be hung up on a peg board or a hook for easy access
  • Perfect for small maintenance work

The Verdict - What Would Be The Best Electric Screwdriver For You?

For the professional, the best choice would be either the Milwaukee 2101-21M4 or the Makita DF010DSE (3 and 4 above). Although higher pricedthey would be a great investment for big jobs requiring robust equipment.For everyday household chores, these would be overkill when a cheaper solution would suffice.

For lighter tasks, we recommend the Bosch IXO III and either the DeWaltDCF610S2orDeWalt DCF680N2 (1, 5 and 9 above).

The Black & Decker AS6NG (10 above) is suitable for lightweight tasks around the house. It’s not suitable for a workshop where the demand for precision is greater.

The rest are suitable for intermediate use, which for most DIY’ers would be the better option.

For the amateur, a multi-functional screwdriver would suffice. For the professional, one with fewer features but higher torque and power is the best.

Hopefully, this article will help you choose the best electrical screwdriver for your needs and save you time, and perhaps, even money.

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