What Is A Worm Drive Saw: All You Need To Know


Have you ever worked on hard kinds of wood before? Imagine how hard that can be when you’re using a normal saw. Working with hard types of wood is tough, and not having the right tools to do the job would totally stress you out.

If you never heard of a worm drive saw before and you have been doing wood works for some time, then you’re missing a lot! This equipment is important in doing things using wood like cutting hard types of wood into smaller pieces. Gone are the days you that you have to suffer working hard with wood.

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The Worm Drive Saw

You might be asking “What is a worm drive saw? I have been using a lot of equipment, would this one make a difference? How do you use one? Would it help me get my job done fast? Can it cut through hard types of wood?

Well, I know what it feels like, a lot of people who work using different types of wood are still using the normal saw, or other types of saws, and they still have the same problem. They are still getting a lot tired with what equipment they are using and the same slow work is being done. Well, let me answer those questions for you.

What Is A Worm Drive Saw?

It is a type of in-line circular saw and It got it’s name from the worm gear which is a spiral thread on the shaft, it runs at right angles to the blade shaft. It has enough power to cut through anything from wet lumber to hardwood. It can even saw through concrete, imagine how tough that is!

The worm drive saw is good for framing or other major renovation jobs. Its handle is placed farther back which helps you resist kickback and easily stir it through long rips

Would It Make Any Difference?

Not just any, but a lot of difference! Compared to other tools used to cut wood, the worm drive would definitely make your work a lot faster. The worm saw’s motor is located behind its blade, worm drive saws are driven by oiled gears and are more powerful that of a sidewinder.

Can it cut through hard types of wood?Well, I would say it does an awesome job when it comes to cutting heavy duty lumber like oak. Its engine delivers high revolutions to the blade with a reduced rate of speed. This means that the rotational force or the torque is greater, which makes cutting thick and hard types of wood as well as several plywood sheets a walk in the park.

Will It Help Me Get My Job Done Fast?

I believe I have answered that with some of my answers on the previous questions. Cutting through plywood one at a time would really eat up a chink of your time and Since the worm drive has a great amount of torque and can cut through layers of plywood at once, that would make your work a lot faster wouldn’t it?

How Do You Use A Worm Drive Saw?

Instead of giving you a step by step guide on how to use a worm drive saw, you can just click the link below and watch a tutorial on how to use one. I would like to remind you to be extra careful when using a worm drive saw. It is heavy and can literally cut through almost anything.

I hope I gave you the answers you were looking for. Now that you have an idea about a worm drive saw, you might want to check out some tips on what to consider when purchasing a worm drive saw.


Purchasing a worm drive saw is not an easy task since there a tons of models available in the market. You need to consider a lot of things like the design, for other things, design comes last, but it is quite different when choosing a worm drive saw. There are certain designs that affects the saws performance. Aside from that, you would also need to consider if you would be needing a sidewinder or a worm drive saw. I have listed some tips below which might help you consider what tools to buy and what not to buy.

  • Know the difference between a worm drive saw and a sidewinder. Yes, they are both circular saws but there are certain jobs that can only be done by a worm drive saw.
  • Check the visibility line, a clear view of the visibility line while using the equipment is important. If you see that there are obstructions on the cutting line like guards or handles, you would definitely know that it’s a poorly designed saw. As I have said earlier, design is a bit important.
  • Worm drive saws with magnesium housing protect the motor well and do not add extra weight to the tool.
  • Check the dust blower; it blows the dust from the cut line so you can see if you are cutting the right way. It also helps to keep your work place clean.
  • Check for tools that offer a one step blade change system. Blades that are frequently replaced minimize your work downtime.


I hope you already know what a worm drive saw is by now. In my own opinion, even if you are just a person who likes working on wood for a hobby or you do wood works for a profession, a worm drive would definitely be a big help for you.

I would like to add that since there are a lot of brands and models out there, I know it would be quite hard to choose which one to buy. There are cheap ones and there are also some of them that would cost you an arm to purchase. Remember that the price does not always dictate the quality of the product.

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