Used Band Saw – The Things You Need To Know

What Is A Band Saw?

Band Saw For Woodworking

A band saw is one of the most important and versatile tools for woodworking and metalworking, this machinery is designed to cut between many types of materials such as wood and dense alloys.

This useful tool patented in England has sharp toothed blades made from dense alloys (even diamond in some cases) extended between two or more disks, these blades are the edge of the large revolving band attached to the machine's gears.

Cutting between dense laminas was a problem for factories that were trying to increase production massively; the band saw came to solve this problem with a blade revolving around its axis.

Bandsaw cutting between dense laminas

This multi-functional machinery needed in every workshop and garage allows woodworkers and metal workers to process the material precisely. The functions of different types of band saws vary depending on the model; some band saws are powerful enough to cut metal while others are meant to cut meat.

There’s no doubt that any workshop or carpentry needs a band saw for any heavy duty and construction project. Every project like DIY constructions and furniture making including ambitious fixings is possible thanks to the band saw's versatile system and sharp toothed blades.

Bautting cutting metal

What Are Band Saws Used For?

Band saws come in different capacities and sizes. You can choose from industrial band saws to workshop band saws. With a proper band saw you can cut between any material and create your own furniture with great ease.

There are many uses for a band saw but require a certain level of knowledge. Most operators are aware of the available functions in their band saws. All of the information related to this tool could be new for beginners, so if you're not familiar with a band saw's function here's a list of the most common ones.You can read more about Band Saw Vs.Scroll Saw.

Make Layers

With a band saw you can easily cut between large wooden or metallic laminas, any type of furniture is possible to make with a band saw. The band saw is very multi-functional because it allows the operator to transform the material at will. It is designed to smoothen the imperfections on wooden lamina's surfaces and cut easily between any types of dense material.

Bandsaw cut between large wooden

Create Curved Laminas

A band saw cuts whatever you like to work with and make it manageable. Curving laminas is one of many other techniques that you can use in your DIY projects or professional work, all you have to do is placing the lamina on the table and start cutting.

Bandsaw Create Curved Laminas

Process Wooden And Metallic Materials

Nothing is worth wasting when you own a band saw, from scrap metal to stump of trees, anything is possible. You might have pieces of wood rooting in the backyard or hidden where nobody can see them. There's no need to waste valuable material that is processed and used for better purposes. Processing scrap metal is an option when you own a band saw, just remove the oxide and work with it.

Bandsaw For Woodworking

As you can see none of the things hidden in the garage or backyard are useless and with a clean cut and inner wooden piece or metal can be turned into furniture or even useful items.


This well-designed machinery is perfectly suitable for any type of work that implies cutting dense materials. The band saw is the perfect tool for clean cutting everything you need for your work and DIY projects.

The advantage of a band saw is that it is very precise and very difficult to make mistakes. The machine works perfectly for carpenters who are looking for an exact wooden piece for doors or furniture. Metal workers who need a clean cut between metallic laminas can find the band saw very useful and precise.

Bandsaw Cutting Circle

Redefine Surfaces And Shape

There are more uses beyond cutting between wooden or metallic laminas with a toothed blade. A band saw is also capable of turning rough surfaces into smooth surfaces and rounded materials into flat and squared ones.

You can easily change the shape and texture or any material with a band saw. Professionals tend to receive materials with irregular shapes and minimal imperfections that can be easily removed with a band saw. The process is as simple as placing the material you want to clean and cut on the working table.

Redefine surfaces and shape

A band saw is the answer to difficult and ambitious projects that require time and effort to get done. The need for preciseness and a fast cut is what makes a bandsaw so necessary. The versatility is the main reason why professional workshop count with several band saws and many toothed blades.

The importance of this machinery in carpentries is so significant that professionals wouldn’t be able to work without it. Woodworkers and metal workers found the way to process materials more efficiently and faster than using hand-operated tools with the band saw.

Bandsaw cutting metal

Types Of Band Saws

The Portable Band Saw

The best tool for DIY fans and is easy to use, lighter than a standard band saw and powerful enough to cut glass without cracking it. The advantage is that you can carry it wherever you want to cut small objects or very large ones. Most band saws have a space limit for large objects and the blade can't cut them properly.

Vertical Band Saw

Vertical Band Saw

The saw never moves, you place the material on a table and move it through the saw to make straight cuts. This type is powered by an electric engine through a belt transmission and it allows adjustments for the blade speed, vertical band saws have the particularity of being very powerful and providing a fast cutting which is highly positive.

Horizontal Band Saw

Horizontal Band Saw

This model works perfectly for larger materials and is easy to use by both professionals and amateurs. They're usually floor-mounted machinery used for non-conventional shapes and sizes and allow the operator to cut down into the material. The most common use is for cutting the material to length and right angles.

Meat Band Saw

Meat Band Saw

It counts with regular toothed blades very small compared to other blades to ensure a clean and straight cut. They're more common in factories and sometimes operators need special training to be able to use the machinery, the meat band saw counts with small toothed blades to cut the meat without breaking it.

Wood Band Saw

Wood Band Saw

The big toothed blades are designed to penetrate the wood and it is well known among professionals and DIY amateurs. There are many different types of wood band saws with different blades for several wooden pieces, some designs are meant to cut fragile wooden pieces without cracking it while others cut deeply and never stop.

Metal Band Saw

Metal Band saw

Just like the wood band saw the toothed blades are designed for the material is meant to cut perfectly, this band saw counts with strong blades made out of stainless steel and a very dense alloy. Most metal band saws are designed with attachable and detachable parts like the meat band saw but for different reasons. Metal chips are a problem when cutting metallic laminas so the machine comes with brushes to avoid malfunctions.

The five most common saws

Meat Cutting

Meat Cutting

The blades are made out of stainless steel and designed to be easily attached and detach for maintaining them. The blades are made from stainless steel and can be easily attached and detached for maintaining and healthiness purposes.  This useful machinery gives a straight and precise cut between the meat without crumbling it, which is important. This clean cut is possible because the blades are regularly toothed as sharp and thin as a chef's knife.

It is the butcher's most used tool, every butchering shop must have at least two or three meat cutting blade saw, the control of the meat cutting should be easy but is highly recommended professional advisory and proper equipment.

It is common that only professionals have access to this machinery. There are small versions of a meat cutting, safer and easier. It is more common to see these machines in professional hands. Although beginners can own them for casual use; most of them are fanatics of meat and steaks.

Timber Cutting

Bigger than most band saws this machinery is used to cut any type of wooden piece, big trunks, medium size boards and small stumps. It comes with different features depending on the size and type of wooden piece. The machine is very versatile and it has several features perfect for any type of wooden piece and furniture, is a well-known machine among professional carpenters, woodworkers and amateurs in the world of woodworking and it has different models.

Large band saw 5-7 centimeters long. It cuts the wooden piece deeply without slowing down or getting stuck, this saw is meant to penetrate the wooden piece quickly and is the first blade that touches the material.

Head Saws
Head Saw

Not as large as a head saw but one of the larger ones, the saw is designed to divide the wooden piece into small pieces. The clean cut helps saving most of the material while bigger ones will shatter slightly more.


As big as a head saw and it cuts the wood in opposite directions for more efficient results, it doesn't slow down or stop while cutting the wooden piece.

Double Cut Saw

Metal Cutting

Metal Cutting

Among different models of band saw, there is one powerful machine able to cut even the heaviest metal. That's the metal cutting which is designed to endure the friction and pressure of dense metal.

This machinery is similar to the meat cutting and it needs maintenance often because the blades decay within time. The blades are usually made from stainless steel and able to penetrate very dense alloys without cracking itself.

The maintenance is always constant with this type of machinery but the features are worth the time. The blades can easily cut between metal, thanks to the solid blades and lubrication that reduces the friction. It also prevents injuries and malfunctions with brushes that clean all the metal chips caught in the blade. It is highly recommended for mechanics because of the easy attachable and detachable pieces.

There are two different designs for metal cutting band saw: horizontal, portable and vertical.

The Metal-Cutting Come In Designs:


Vertical Bandsaw Cutting Metal

It allows the operator to remove the blade's axis to make very precise cuts and free movements for curved cuts, easy straight cuts. It is well known for simplifying the process of making complicated shapes on any type of lamina. The saw has a magnificent cutting capacity and the strength to cut heavy materials without slowing down or stopping.

The advantages of a vertical model are the brushes that remove the remaining metal and prevent future malfunctions. The special feature is that counts with an integrated welder that is suitable for the creation of new blades.


Horizontal Bandsaw Cutting Metal

The horizontal metal cutting band saw belongs to a vast category of band saw, used by professional metal workers and beginners. Its structure is designed to cut larger materials. The machine itself has a list of pros and cons that you should take in consideration for future purchases.

A horizontal band saw works by holding the material stationary while the machine's blade swings down through the cut. Once the cut is complete the saw will automatically turn off with a switch trip to avoid potential injuries.

The horizontal band saw's function is to cut through the lamina you're holding on the machine's table. Once the cut is over, the saw is set to stop automatically to avoid injuries to the operator.

The Pros

  • A soft and silent cut compared to most saws available in the market, perfect for a calm place.
  • Perfect preciseness while making cuts.
  • Perfectly safe for any operator, the machine will shut down if not used and will stop when the cutting is totally over.
  • Ability to make a clean cut through dense materials like alloys.
  • Is free from overheating providing a safe environment for the operators which reduce the events of internal malfunctions in the engine's system and injuries.


It is the most suitable machine for DIY beginners and professionals metalworkers. It’s very easy to transport, light and easy to use at any moment and location without any inconvenient.

Easy to replace portable parts also comes with attachable parts. Perfect for clean cuts, curved cuts and all type of shapes, this portable machinery is very versatile. It is the same as a standard metal cutting band saw and is driven by a powerful electric engine.

It is also perfect for improvised fixings a portable metal cutting band saw can easily cut large materials that can be too.

It is very suitable for improvised fixings and cutting large objects that couldn’t fit an average band saw. The advantage is that you have a powerful machine that can cut larger objects as quickly as standard band saws. This tool s so multifunctional that can be useful in many situations for both professionals in workshops or amateurs.

Major Band Saw Part

Vertical Bandsaw
Upper Wheel Guard

It is a metallic disk placed aside of the band saw's table and protects the operator from the blade. The disk is placed a few centimeters away from the blade so the disk doesn't interfere with the blade.

Blade Guard

It covers the unused part of the blade and the operator can adjust it to the size of the material. This part varies depending on the model and capacity of the machine.

Rear Blade Guard

It is a small metallic shield that covers the rear part of the blade and keeps the operator safe from residues. It prevents most accidental detaching events.

Blade Guides

Usually two small wheels slightly pressing against the blade to keep it aligned it with the machinery. The wheels are attached to a hollowed structure that contains the blade and keeps the blade revolving around its axis.


It is the metallic surface that supports the material that is being cut by the blade saw. The material of the table is usually heavier and stronger than the material being cut.

Lower Wheel Cover

It prevents potential injuries if the blade accidentally comes off of the lower wheel.

Guide Post

It raises and lowers the blade guide moves. This part is connected to the upper side of the machinery but never touches the table.


It is a large band that revolves between two security wheels that cut the material on the table. The blade is driven by an internal engine that makes it revolve fast enough to cut everything.


It is the structure that supports all of the band saw components. Everything is attached to it and is a solid structure that contains all the gears inside of it.


It's a metallic moving limit that can help the operator adjust the distance between the material and the blade. It also works as a support while the material is being cut.


It is the power source of the machinery and is designed to use electrical energy and convert it into mechanical.

Foot Brake

It lowers or intensifies the RPB of the blade by putting pressure on it with a foot.

Milter Gauge

This attachable part secures the material at 90 degrees for cross-cutting.

Factors To Consider When Buying A BandSaw

Band Saw For Wood

When it comes to choosing a bandsaw there are several factors that you need to consider. It’s not the same doing metalworking in a workshop or woodworking in a joinery. These works requires specific machinery. It’s the same for other workplaces and situations that require specific blades and capacities.

Since the capacity of the blade itself varies depending on the model and the efficiency rank is high, knowing all the factors and details about the bandsaw you want to acquire before purchasing is your first step. Search online or ask for advice if you find that your choice doesn’t match the band saw's functions.

Specific Use

Specific Use Band Saw

What you need to consider before buying a bandsaw is what you need to do with it. There is substantial difference between metal, wood and other materials. Therefore choosing the correct bandsaw is important. Most professionals know exactly what they're looking for in a band saw because they know which one works best.

The importance of knowing the specific use for a band saw is that blades vary a lot. So, considering the specific use that you have in mind for your machinery and model is very important. You should research about different models for further information.

The Size Of The Table

Band Saw Table

Once you've decided which material you're planning to work with, you need to think about the size of the table. There is a huge difference between pipes and small gears, aluminum laminas and wooden peace and not just the length.

The size is very important and a well-adjusted table for anything you want to work with is crucial. If you're not in a workshop and you just have a garage, you should consider a medium size table. Homemade/DIY projects shouldn't take that much space.


Band Saw Fence

Another important aspect of a band saw purchasing is the fence mechanism. Most fences are very standard and cover a lot of the functions needed for any imaginable DIY projects. Big reparations or furniture making takes more capacity.

There are micro-adjustable fences available if you're looking for a very precise measurement bust most standard fences works perfectly. It doesn’t take much preciseness when cutting large materials for construction or furniture making.

Type Of Fand Saw

Are you looking for a vertical type or horizontal type? The difference between these two band saws is also important. If you're looking to cut between large materials the horizontal band saw is what you need.

If you want fast cutting and productive working for big laminas, you need to purchase a vertical band saw. The functions vary in models and types so you must learn about what type of band saw suits you.


In conclusion, a band saw is the most important and needed machinery in a garage or professional workshop. It’s a very multi-functional tool and easy to operate, no matter the experience or purpose intended. This intuitive machinery is the professional and DIY amateur best friend when it comes to ambitious projects and reparations.

This well-designed tool evolved and divided itself into many categories to work under many different situations. The systems and blades of each band saw are specially made for many materials. Purchasing the right band saw for your projects is the best choice you can make and never regret.

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