Right-Handed Versus Left-Handed Circular Saws

What’s the difference?

When using a circular saw, they are designed to be handled with both hands. If right-handed, your right hand should be gripped on the handle where the trigger is located and your left hand on the supporting knob on the front end.

Electric circular saw.

This will place the blade on the outside right giving you a clear view between your left hand and the blade of the cut you are making. Also, this will allow you to observe the progress made on the cut as you are sawing.

right handed saw

If you are left handed and use a right handed saw, your right hand will block the view to the cut you are making. Conversely, this applies for left handed saws.

There is a safety issue involved if using a circular saw in the opposite hand you normally would use. It could mean that the broad part of the shoe (i.e. bottom part of the circular saw) where most of the weight rests on the work piece is on the waste end of your work.

left handed saw

This now requires that you balance the circular saw on the narrow edge resulting in less control and could be a safety risk if for some reason the circular saw “kicks back” at you unexpectedly. This also applies vice versa.

The best solution would be to own a left handed and a right handed circular saw but this would require an added investment and parting of cash.

Opinions by users of circular saws are very divided on this issue. Some right handed users prefer to use a circular saw designed for left handed users while others do not.

electric saw

The safety issue, the view blocked while using the circular saw and limited control while using the narrow edge of the saw are off putting issues with some users while not seeming to bother others.

It seems to come down to individual preference.

For some users though, the fact that most circular saw brands do not cater for both right handed and left handed users is a cause of frustration.

In many instances there is no choice but to purchase a circular saw that does not accommodate your preference.

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