Power Saws For Beginner

Today there are so many homeowners who take pride in being able to handle most, if not all of their woodworking projects at home without having to call in a professional. Woodworking can actually be a very good way for you to do more with your spare time at home, and also a way of relaxing. The process of building something awesome from scratch usually revitalizes someone and makes you enjoy the sense of accomplishment.

Power saw for home improvement

A lot of people have gone into woodworking because of the nature of the economy, where it became easier and financially viable to handle the woodworking projects at home on your own other than paying someone to do the work for you. Some even chose woodworking as a way of earning additional income to supplement their needs.

Scroll saw

While woodworking at home is cost-effective and saves you time, one key element behind this success is the presence of power saws. You will find them in almost every workshop you visit. There are different types of power saws available in the market at the moment. You need to understand what each of them does before you make a purchase so that you get the right one for the right job. This increases the likelihood that you will get incredible success from the use of whichever power saw you own.

Different Types Of Power Saws

Back in school, you must have used at least one or more types of power saws. In case you need to make sure your work will come off perfectly, it is important to make sure you buy the right power saw for the right job. The following are some of the different types of power saws available:

Precision of the cuts band saws

Band Saw

Band saws are generally designed to help you with intricate and delicate designs. They are ideal for making curved cuts. There are two types of band saws available in the market. The bigger, floor standing band saws usually come with their own cabinet and are ideal for professional or commercial purposes.

You can also get the smaller band saws that are mounted on the worktop or on a stand in your workshop. These are ideal for small-scale contractors. These saws have different blades, which make it easier for you not just to cut wood, but also plastic, metal, and piping.

Circular Saw

Just like band saws, there are two types of circular saws you can buy. The worm drive circular saw is designed to work with a worm gear, transferring power between the blade and the motor. This applies a lot of torque on the blade, and you end up with incredible cutting ability, power, and proficiency.

The sidewinder is another type of circular saw that is considerably popular than the former. This is because it is relatively lighter and less expensive. It is ideal for the average woodworking fellow. If you get a good sidewinder, it should serve you well for a lot of years, especially with some good maintenance.

Circular Saw

Jig Saw

In case your work involves cutting in very small spaces, or if you need to make precision cuts, you should make sure you have a good jig saw to work with. The jig saw is also referred to as a bayonet. It is perfect for cutting custom shapes in different shapes, curves and intricate designs.

Jig saws are generally smaller than most, and they are handheld power saws. The handle comes attached to a small, thin blade. However, as a result of advancement in technology, you can now get the jig saw complete with a saw blade and an electric motor.

Jig saw

Metal-Cutting Saw

If you know how much time it takes to deliver impressive quality work in woodworking, it takes an even longer time with metal work. It is more demanding and precision-intensive, and this is why you need the right equipment in a metal-cutting saw.

What these saws have done is relieve you of the reliance on hack saws. You can choose from bench top, handheld or stationary metal-cutting saws. For better efficiency, these saws are powered by electricity, and you will realize that most of the smaller handheld models actually look like the circular saw. The good thing with these saws is that they are relatively light in weight, while at the same time offering you impressive clean cuts with incredible speed.

Metal Cutting Saw

Miter Saw

When you want to buy a miter saw, you normally have to choose between a double bevel saw and the single bevel saw. Single bevel saws will only tilt the blade on one side when they are in use. With this in mind, you will be forced to swing the opposite side of the board to make a corresponding cut, other than simply adjusting the saw.

Double bevel miter saws, on the other hand, are more convenient in the sense that you can tilt the blade in either direction. You no longer have to turn the corresponding board around. The good thing with these saws is that most of the ones you get in the market today come with impressive features like electronic brakes, carbide-tipped blades and blade guards.

Miter saw

Reciprocating Saw

One of the first tools that most people will bring to their workshop is a reciprocating saw. It is very common, the type of saw where cutting is characterized by continuous pushing and pulling of the blade. It might not be an essential saw you will need in the workshop, but in case you need to handle some heavy work like home renovation, you cannot do without one.

Remember that before you buy one, you have to understand what you need it for, and look at other aspects like the cost, then choose the perfect reciprocating saw for your work.

Reciprocating Saw

Table Saw

In case you need versatility in your workshop, the table saw is one of the best options you have. From creating miters, joining or ripping pieces to shaping and grooving, this is just the right saw that you can use for either of these tasks and so much more. There are different types available, which include:

  • Contractor Saws – Ideal for construction work
  • Portable Saws – Easy to move around and ideal for carpenters who work on-site
  • Cabinet Saws–A professional saw, normally found in schools or professional workshops
  • Hybrid Saws – Perfect technological blend between a cabinet and contractor saw.

Table saw

To get the right table saw, you need to first determine what you need, then from there, you can go ahead and buy the right saw that can work well for you.

Tile Saw

Tile saws are a good option for you in case you have some tile work going on. They are a good fit when you need to work or cut through porcelain tiles and clay. There are times when you have the tiles, but you cannot use them in their shape or form as they are, and you will need to slice through some of them. With a tile saw, you should be able to achieve this, without any deformities to the tiles.

You will end up with tiles that are cut into fine pieces, and can easily fit into the project that you have been working on, without any challenges.

Tile saw

Masonry Saw

The masonry saw is what you will come across in most cases referred to as the disc cutter. More often, you will find these saws sold either as dry or wet. Most of those who use the masonry saw are professionals at what they do (masonry) or general contractors.

Over the years the masonry saw has become increasingly affordable, and it is because of this reason that you will easily find them in most homes. However, take note that this is not the kind of tool that you use frequently unless you need to cut through concrete every so often. For a new homeowner, owning a masonry saw might come in handy with a few improvements around the house.

Masonry Saw

Scroll Saw

Scroll Saw

Scroll saws might be small in size, but the work they do is nothing compared to their size. In fact, this is one of the best tools you should have in your workshop. The scroll saw works more or less in the same way that the band saw does. They are all tools that deliver the fine, precise finishes to your woodwork. However, the scroll saw pushes precision a notch higher than the band saw. You can read more about Scroll Saw Vs. Band Saw.

In case you are working on a project that needs intricate cuts in sections that might be difficult or impossible to reach with a normal saw or the band saw, the scroll saw would be useful in this scenario.

Chain Saw

For someone whose work involves lumbering or taking care of trees, chain saws are an essential tool. Without the chain saw, you will have to do a lot of cutting with whichever saw you have, and considering that they are not built for this particular purpose, chances of getting good results are so slim.

Most people prefer the 2-stroke powered chain saws. The reason for this is because they are very easy to handle since they are portable. Other than that, they also offer an impressive cut compared to the other chain saws available in the market. They are so affordable you can get one from as low as $90.

Chain Saw

The Thing You Should Know Power Saw 

Power Saw Blades

One thing that you will learn about most of the power saws is that they are available in different sizes, shapes, and models, just as much as the blades that are used with them. When you switch blades, you can use the same power saw to cut through virtually anything. The secret lies in finding the right blade that will make the saw versatile in cutting through wood, stone, plastic or metal.

Power saw blade

Useful Tips

Familiarity with most of the different types of power saws in the market makes your work easier when you want to buy one of these tools. They are efficient and will see you do so much in a very short time than you would have done without a power saw.

Before you go ahead and shop around for the right power saw, make sure you have a list of the features and abilities of the different types of power saws you might be interested in. When you do this, you will have a number of good options to work with. More importantly, make sure your needs and your budget are aligned, and you will be able to buy nothing but the best power saw for your workshop.