Power Saw Injuries And Safety Tips – You Need To Know

Power Saw Injuries

Power saws are some of the most useful tools you will come across in the workshop. In as much as they will be useful in cutting and shaping different types of materials, there are always serious concerns about the types of injuries that you can endure when using the power saw.

Power saw

More often, most of the injuries that you can experience in the workshop affect the hands. The severity and degree of injury can vary widely, depending on the part of the arm that is affected. The type of injury is also dependent on the quality of the saw in question.

Any part of the body that comes into contact with the blade is usually vulnerable to injury. In case your injuries affect the nerves, one of the problems that you might have to deal with include a loss of ability and feeling and challenges in controlling certain muscles.

The Dangerous Of Power Saws

If any of the injuries you have sustained affect the arteries, you might even lose circulation, which if not handled in good time, can be fatal. In the case of deep injuries, the bones can be fractured or cut into pieces, which will simply require amputation to save the remaining limbs.

Hand Contact With The Blade

There are virtually different kinds of injuries that you can endure when in the workshop, and these can be avoided if you pay attention to the following:

  • Always stay focused and do not keep your eyes off your work
  • Use a push stick to remove anything that is stuck in the worktable, not your hands
  • When you are working with a portable saw, always keep your finger away from the trigger
  • Do not use the wrong saw for the wrong job
  • Make sure you use the right saw blade for the right job
  • All the blades you use have to be sharp
  • Dull blades will usually cause binding, kickbacks, and stalling
  • Try and avoid having to cut nails
  • Whenever you can, make sure you use a rip fence in the workshop
  • Make sure all metals or anything else for that matter, is secured in a vice or with clamps so that they do not keep moving
  • At the moment when you are starting or ending any work, make sure none of the work is in touch with the blade
  • Always make sure that your saw is operating at full speed before you start using anything on it. Also make sure that the work you are doing on it is firmly supported, and does not keep shifting
  • Power saws qualify as heavy machinery or tools, so make sure you are not in the workshop after drinking alcohol

In case you can follow these simple steps, there is a good chance you will barely have to worry about power saw injuries. A lot of people who end up suffering in the workshop usually do so because they are ignorant of the simple instructions that they should follow.

Safety for power saw

There is only one person who can keep you safe when you are in the workshop, and that is you. You need to make sure that you take your security and precautionary measures seriously, or you will never achieve anything in the workshop if your work keeps getting interrupted by injury.

Power Saw Safety Tips

Every other year there are thousands of people who are treated in different hospitals for injuries sustained as a result of power saw accidents. More often, the injuries common in such accidents include injury to the fingers, hands or the eyes.

A lot of people end up with debris stuck in their eyes or hitting them in the eyes, cuts to their fingers and hands and so forth. Whether or not the power saw you are using is portable or fixed, you still need to make sure that you exercise caution when using the saw. This is the one thing that most people fail to understand.

Used properly power saw

The saw can only be as effective as it is useful to you when used properly. The first thing that you should do for any power saw you use, is to make sure you are using the right saw for the right job.

More often, using the wrong saw for the wrong job is the easiest way for you to get injured because the torque generated by the saw is either too much or too subtle to make an impact on the material it is being used on.

Power saw safety

The following are some simple safety tips that will help you make sure that each time you are using power saws, you are able to get nothing but the best results and stay safe while at it:

Before you start working on any project, make sure you inspect the saw. Look at the power connection and the cords. Make sure there is no disrepair or damage to the electrical cords and plugs. Also, make sure that you have connected the saw on the correct power settings. Otherwise, you might end up with a blown fuse.

Before Use

For some reason, a lot of people tend to avoid reading instruction manuals. However, tThere is a good reason why these manuals are provided. In case you have never used the power saw before, go through the manual to get a better understanding of how you are supposed to work with it.


Safety glasses are mandatory. Do not just have any glasses you come across, but use industrial-quality safety glasses that are specifically designed for woodworking with power saws.

Safety Glasses

 – Try and make sure that whenever you are in the workshop, you are not putting on any loose clothing or jewelry. Anything that can be caught by movable parts of the saw or any other tool in the workshop should not be present. In fact, use workshop overalls and pull back your hair. In case you have long hair, you can wear your hair under a cap or tie it with a band.

You should also make sure you have the appropriate clothing, complete with hearing protection and a dust mask. If this is not the case, you might end up adding chest problems to the list of concerns that would send you to the doctor, other than the cuts and bruises when handling the power saw.


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