Power Saw Blades

One thing that you will learn about most of the power saws is that they are available in different sizes, shapes, and models, just as much as the blades that are used with them. When you switch blades, you can use the same power saw to cut through virtually anything. The secret lies in finding the right blade that will make the saw versatile in cutting through wood, stone, plastic or metal.

Band Saw Blade

With band saws, precision is one of the most important things that you should always look at. Towards this end, the blade you are using will play an important role in the results you get.

It is wise to have a number of blades in your workshop to use with a band saw. This brings about a sense of convenience in that you can cut through a good number of materials without worrying about damage to the blade, or getting results that you do not appreciate.

Other than the blade, you also need to look at the depth of the cut when looking for a band saw for your home. This is the distance between the table of the band saw and the upper blade guide.

Band Saw Blade

Circular Saw Blade

In the case of the circular saw, the standard blades are those that you will use from time to time to cut wood composites or wood. The speed of the circular saw depends on the number of teeth present on the blade you are using.

This will also affect the type of cut and the finish. It is important to note that circular blades that have fewer teeth will usually cut faster than those that have more teeth. They also deliver a better finish.

There are gullets between the teeth of your blades that get rid of the chips from the workpiece you are using, hence helping you get a better finish.

Circular Saw Blade

Jig Saw Blade

There are different blades that can be used with the jig saw. Ideally, the choice of blade you use for this saw depends on the work you will need it for.

The universal cutter, for example, is preferable by a lot of contractors when you need help cutting through wood. On the other hand, the bayonet blade is the perfect choice if you are to cut through the laminate.

If you have a metal cutting blade, it should help you with things like sheet metal, or any other metal for that matter. In case you need to cut through tiles, you should get yourself a carbide ceramic blade.

Jig Saw Blade

Metal-Cutting Saw Blade

For metal-cutting saws, there are two blades that are common in the market. The abrasive blade, usually 14 inches in diameter, is designed from pressure bonded fibers.

These form a circle that makes up the disc. They are quite affordable but do not usually last a very long time. They wear out very fast while in use.The dry-cut blade is a better alternative to the abrasive blade. Their cuts are smoother and they also cut through metal faster.

You will, however, also realize that they are more expensive, but since they serve you much longer than the abrasive blades, they are a worthy investment in the long run.

Metal Cutting Saw Blade

Miter Saw Blade

For the sake of your safety when using this saw, the self-retracting blade is a highly popular one, especially among woodworking homeowners.

When you raise the blade, it is completely covered, which is an ideal safety feature.Another impressive feature you realize with the miter saw is that you can get it with an adjustable laser guide. This is ideal to improve the precision and accuracy of your work.

In fact, you can actually have multiple adjustable laser guides on your saw, which gives you double the level of accuracy you need for whichever project you are working on.

Miter Saw Blade

Reciprocating Saw Blade

With the reciprocating saw, you will in most cases find it in the market with an orbital blade. Orbital blade movement allows you to move the blade in elliptical motion. The benefit of this is seen particularly when you are working on wood. The elliptical motion allows you to finish your work on the wood faster.

Besides, in case you are able to get the adjustable one where you can switch from an orbital cut to a straight cut, your work will be a whole lot easier, and the results will also be impressive. Of course, you have to make sure you are buying a saw within your budget range.

Reciprocating Saw Blade

Table Saw Blade

Just because your table saw cuts, does not necessarily mean you have the right blade. If you realize you are experiencing a lot of unnecessary aggravation, you might be using the wrong blade for your table saw.

There are four different blade types, depending on their teeth, grind and their shape. You can choose between the alternate top bevel (ATB) blade, triple chip grind (TCG) blade, combination blade (ATBR) and the flat top grind (FTG) blade.

The blade you choose for your saw will depend significantly on the type of work that you need to use the saw for, and your budget.

Table Saw Blade

Tile Saw Blade

One of the most important things you need to look at when you are buying the tile saw is the blade. You should make sure that the blade you get for your saw is nothing but high quality.

In fact, diamond tipped blades are the best, and will always go a long way in helping you achieve optimal performance on the tiles you are cutting.If you were to choose the normal blades, these usually become dull so fast, especially in case you are using them on ceramic tiles.

The appropriate blade for your work is supposed to cut through the tiles without dulling, and that is where the diamond dust comes in handy.

Tile Saw Blade

Masonry Saw Blade

The masonry saw and the tile saw generally share features, and in some cases, you will even find them being used for the same purpose.

Before you look at the blade, you need to decide on whether you are getting the tabletop masonry saw or the handheld masonry saw. The handheld masonry saw usually comes with a silicon blade, 6 – 7 inches, and this delivers an impressive, clean cut.

The tabletop models, on the other hand, are impressive for work that demands some serious cutting. They are a bit higher at 14 – 20 inches.

Masonry-Saw Blade

Scroll Saw Blade

For the occasional scroll saw user, you might be excused assuming that one blade is all you will ever need. In fact, there are so many blades that can be used with the scroll saw.

They vary not just in the quality, but also in their performance. Before you choose a given blade for your scroll saw, at times it is safe to go with reputable brands. They might be a tad bit more expensive, but you are getting a good guarantee of performance.

Ground blades, for example, usually last 3 – 4 times longer than most of the average blades you come across in the market.

Chain Saw Blade

Choosing the right chain for your chain saw is imperative if you are to use and get the best results from your chain saw. There are a number of factors that you look at when you are going about this.

One of these is the vibration. It is always good to get chain saw chains that have a very low vibration. You also should look at the convenience level when using the chain saw chains and the tendency of a reduction in the kickback.

Given that there are a lot of chain saw chain models in the market, you should try and find one that has a good cutting performance.

Chain Saw Blade