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Best Circular Saw And Mini Saw Review

You can’t talk about the compact circular saw without giving credit to its bigger brother the circular saw. The circular saw reinvented the game as far as wood cutting and carpentry is concerned. The origins of this machine date as far back as the 1700s. The device has gone through a lot of improvements over […]

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Used Band Saw – The Things You Need To Know

What Is A Band Saw? A band saw is one of the most important and versatile tools for woodworking and metalworking, this machinery is designed to cut between many types of materials such as wood and dense alloys.This useful tool patented in England has sharp toothed blades made from dense alloys (even diamond in some […]

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Right-Handed Versus Left-Handed Circular Saws

​What’s the difference?When using a circular saw, they are designed to be handled with both hands. If right-handed, your right hand should be gripped on the handle where the trigger is located and your left hand on the supporting knob on the front end. This will place the blade on the outside right giving you […]

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