The Best Craftsman Saws: The Top Circular Saw Brand

Craftsman is one of America's best tool brand. It makes a range of quality products that have been best-sellers. It's true that Craftsman tools are more expensive. But buyers of Craftsman's products have quality assurance. This is especially in terms of performance and longevity. When you buy a saw from this brand, you will really be getting your money's worth.

When choosing to buy a saw, it's wise to consider one with the Craftsman brand. Their tools will perform as expected. They never fail, unless of course instructions aren't followed.

If you perform a search of the products, you'll see a lot of positive comments from satisfied users. In this article, we'll go through detailed descriptions of some of the best Craftsman saws. You'll see that these tools are the best and safest choice for home or business jobs.


What to look for when choosing the best Craftsman saws

A saw is the most convenient tool when cutting through pieces of wood. It is not difficult to use the saw, although you need a lot of caution. But what saw will best suit your needs? There are many brands out there and each one could be as good as the next.

Earlier on, we have expounded on the quality of Craftsman tools. We still stand firm in recommending the brand. Here is a list of important points that can guide you when buying for yourself a good circular saw.

Bevels and cutting capacity and depth

The capability to make adjustments to the base plate and allow bevel cutting is essential. This is especially true if you need the saw to cut mitres. Look for how many adjustments the saw will be capable of.

Look for the maximum cutting depth when the saw is set at zero degrees. At that position, the saw will cut deepest when you're not using it to cut a bevel.

Speed and Control

Find out the saw's motor rating when making your selection. The higher the rating, the more powerful the saw is. A high motor rating will spin the blade faster, which will result in high RPM. Consequently, the higher the RPM, the more superior the cut in terms of control.

The more power means more control. More control means the ability and ease to cut stronger materials. A saw with a very powerful motor will allow you the capability to use blades with bigger sizes on the saw. It's important, therefore, to take notice of the blade's speed when buying a circular saw.

Features of a Circular Saw

With power motor saws, electric brakes are a must mostly for safety reasons. When the saw is in use, the electric brake stops the motor. This happens in within a few seconds after you release the trigger. Most circular saws today have installed electric brakes. They help prevent accidents and prevent the loss of fingers and limbs. The electric brake operates by simply reversing the electricity flow to the saw's motor. With saws that do not have electric blades, it takes about ten seconds before the motor stops.

Saw blades come in a variety of sizes. If you plan to buy a corded circular saw, the commonly available blade is the 7-1/4 inch blade. If you opt for the cordless one, you can either have the 7-1/4 and the 6-1/2 inch blade. Which one to use will depend on what you intend to cut. Obviously, the larger blades weigh more. But using them will save time in the long-run as you will be making fewer cuts, especially for angled ones.

This is important to prevent accidents while changing the saw's blade. Most saws nowadays, especially those used by professionals, come with shaft locks. When changing blades, press the shaft lock button to hold the blade still.

Corded saws are more powerful but usually are heavier. If your job requires cutting a lot of wood, it's recommended to get this one. In the long-run, it will save you time, effort, and money.

Cordless saws are convenient as you won't have to deal with cords to plug in, trip over or even cut through. Because of their convenience, cordless saws are in-demand for many jobs. One disadvantage though is that the saw depends on batteries. It would be good advice to purchase and keep close batteries you can recharge. Have them ready especially when dealing with a number of cutting jobs.

Types of Saw Blades

This is for sure the most crucial part of a saw. But it is important as well to choose the right blade for a particular job. Here are some blades that you may require for certain jobs.

Carbide blades will outlast steel blades but are costlier. Masonry blades would make masonry jobs a lot easier. It's used to cut through bricks, concrete, cinder blocks and other masonry materials. Finally, tile blades are ideal for cutting through ceramic tiles. They usually are diamond tipped.

Our Recommendations: Top 5 Craftsman Saws

This circular saw is relatively smaller in size. But it can still deliver power and performance where needed.

Furthermore, its size makes it handy. It's ideal for handling jobs that other power saws cannot reach, space wise. It's comfortable to use and easy to maneuver for superior accuracy.

The Craftsman Bolt-On 3-3/8 Trim saw attachment runs on a potent 20-volt max lithium-ion battery. The blade speed is variable and its speed can tear through many materials. Speed is trigger-controlled, so the further you pull it, the faster the blade spins.


  • Although small, it delivers superb power and performance.
  • Lightweight and allow for fast cutting.
  • You can use the saw to cut through a variety of materials.


  • check
    Economical and versatile.
  • check
    Easy to use.
  • check
    Has a variable rotation speed.


  • Some customers claim that it's too small.
  • times-circle
    You can't change the depth of cut.

With the Craftsman Mach 2 Miter Saw Blade, expect more precise, clean cuts each time you use the saw. The carbide-tipped blade ensures that it will always stay sharp longer. This makes cutting boards faster and easier. The blade itself is ideal for crosscuts and mitre cuts.

Made of die-cast aluminum, the saw is light enough to move from your home to your place of work. The saw has also a trigger control which has a Laser Trac feature. It projects a line for perfect alignments on your work just before you make the cut.

Like most other circular saws, the blade bevel is adjustable. This is essential for precise results as per specifications to your projects. Blade rotation is good enough to make cutting jobs done effortlessly.


  • The blade allows for smooth miter and crosscuts.
  • The blade has a carbide tip and a finished trim.
  • It fits into 5/8" arbors so you can use it on radial and miter saws.


  • check
    Powerful and durable.
  • check
    Lightweight and easy to use.
  • check
    Versatile and allows for quick cutting.


  • Powerful and durable.
  • times-circle
    Some customers have claimed that the laser doesn't work.

This saw weighs a mere 9.0 pounds. The Craftsman 20 Volt Professional circular saw is strong enough to perform many cutting jobs. You can use it to rip through soft and hard woods alike. It's easy to control and maneuver. Because of this, it's preferred by both do-it-yourself enthusiasts and professionals.

The saw is battery operated and runs on a 20-volt lithium-ion battery. When you flip the switch for use, it emits a laser guideline into the work surface. This aids in making more precise cuts. The blade guards add strength and reduce the overall weight of the saw.

The lower blade guards have an anti-snag tooth to ensure a secure grip on the tool. The handles are ergonomically-designed with soft grips.

The blade is on the saw's left side thus providing a clear sight-line of the blade. It has an oversized, aluminum shoe with integrated cross-cut and ripping rulers. The extended bevel capacity allows for greater angle cuts. Finally, the oversized locking levers allow for quick blade adjustments.


  • Makes use of powerful lithium-ion batteries.
  • Comes with a built-in laser guide and LED light for working.
  • Has a durable aluminum base.


  • check
    Powerful, heavy-duty motor.
  • check
    Lightweight and powerful.
  • check
    Superior design for convenience.


  • None

This is another small-sized Craftsman saw. It provides the versatility and power to get any job done. It has a re-designed battery mounting to allow for more balance and comfort when using the saw. The powerful motor can deliver as much as 4700 RPM.

This will allow fast and clean cuts even on the strongest materials. The tool's grip is conveniently capped with micro-texture overmold. This provides handling comfort and also enhances tactile control.

The Craftsman C3 Circular Saw has 0 to 50-degree cutting capacity for more accurate bevel and mitre cuts. It also features an easy depth-of-cut adjustment. The 18-tooth blade is  carbide-tipped and ensures superior cutting ability, efficiency, and durability. It is, by the way, a cordless saw which can match the power of other rival circular saws.


  • The blade allows you to make fast and clean cuts.
  • Comes with a powerful battery and a strong blade.
  • Cordless and has an adjustable depth of cut for added convenience.


  • check
     Versatile and powerful.
  • check
    Allows for superior balance and comfort.
  • check
    Ideal for cutting different materials.


  •  Doesn't come with a battery or charger.
  • times-circle
    It might heat up while in use.

This is a medium-sized circular saw from the Craftsman brand. Nevertheless, it's still an efficient tool for cutting jobs. The Craftsman 46707 runs on a 19.2-volt system which will accept either a Ni-Cd or Li-Ion battery.

The batteries, by the way, are not provided when purchased. Furthermore, the saws are bulk packaged, meaning they do not come in retail boxes.

Despite its size, the saw still allows for quick depth-of-cuts adjustments. It even has 0-50 degree bevel adjustments. The handle has a micro-grip texture. This provides comfort, convenience, and safety when you're handling the saw during operation.


  • You can use Li-Ion or Ni-Cd batteries to power the tool.
  • Allows you to adjust the depth of cut quickly and easily.
  • Provides increased comfort because of the micro-texture grip.


  • check
    Versatile and easy to use.
  • check
    Isn't limited by a cord.
  • check
    Convenient and comfortable.


  • None


There you go, a review of the best Craftsman circular saws. But among all these, some of them stand out. They have great features you'll definitely appreciate. The Craftsman Mach 2 Silver Series 10" Miter Saw has a carbide-tipped blade. This ensures that the blade will always stay sharp longer. So you'll be able to cut boards easier and faster. The blade is also ideal for crosscuts and mitre cuts.


The Craftsman 20 Volt Professional 7 1/4 Cordless Circular Saw is battery-operated. It weighs a mere 9.0 pounds, which is very convenient. This saw is strong enough to perform many cutting jobs or ripping through soft and hard woods alike. Finally, the Craftsman 46707 19.2-Volt Cordless 5-1/2" Circular Saw accepts either a Ni-Cd or Li-Ion battery. The small saw allows for quick depth-of-cuts adjustments. The handle has a micro-grip texture. This provides comfort, convenience, and safety when handling the saw during operation.

Among these 3 superb saws, we believe that the Craftsman Mach 2 Silver Series 10" Miter Saw is the best. This is the strongest and most versatile choice. It offers the most features that you can use in a variety of carpentry jobs. It has a powerful motor that can deliver 4800 RPM, necessary for fast jobs. Being built of cast iron makes it light and strong. The saw allows for easy maneuverability. The Laser Trac is a unique feature. It will be very helpful for perfect alignments just before you make the cuts.

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